Love Those Button Pushers

Byron Katie Quote


Oh, yes, those big red buttons we all have. You know the ones. The ones people seem to instinctively know exactly what to say or do to push them.

They should just stop doing that right? Really, can you really know that is true? Maybe not. Maybe it is a chance for you to go inside yourself and address the thinking that makes those buttons readily available. Change the way you think and the buttons will disappear

Instead of hating on those button pushers, maybe you should be loving on them. They are catalysts for you changing thought patterns that hold you prisoner. They are helping set you free.

Feeling Gratitude and Appreciation When Everything Seems to Suck

Gratitude and Appreciation

As much as I would like to say that I’ve got this gratitude and law of attraction thing working to my advantage, sadly this is not the case for me in this current time and space dynamic.

I’ve got way too much uncontrollable life stuff going on that makes me feel hopeless and super overwhelmed. Today is Thanksgiving and all I can do is hope that the holiday season passes fast without incident. This is the worst time of year for my family and things are always very stressed and on edge.

Now I KNOW that gratitude and appreciation are great catalysts for change, but when I am feeling so crappy and overwhelmed, finding things to be grateful for or appreciative of are pretty hard to come by.

The articles below may be of help to those out there in a similar boat as I am in. I need to find things to be appreciative of. I know they have to be there, but I need a perspective shift in order to see them. It feels imperative that I find a way to do this. I am just so tired of feeling this way. Hoping that things will change isn’t working. I have to change the way I am thinking in spite of what is going on around me.

Discovering Peace?

Into the Light

It has been forever since I made a post here. Needless to say, discovering peace was not what I was doing and I was getting sucked into emotional places I didn’t want to go.

I’ve learned that every day has the possibility of pulling you off into the bushes and beating the crap out of you, if you let it. For quite a while there, that is were I miserably ended up on a daily basis.

So, since my last post, WAY back in July of last year I’ve lived(?) through:

– Tons of mental health issues including family coming off medications that seemed to be helping but didn’t realize it until they were gone.
– A child coming out as transgender and starting hormone replacement therapy (which ended up increasing mental health issues in other family members).
– Massive downsizing of our small business.
– …

Well, that isn’t productive. I know I could go on and on listing out stuff but, ya know, what is/was was just an indication of my previous momentum. I lived in “I can’t do anything to make this situation better!” as my stress and fears were due to what was going on within my family.

It’s funny how the more stressed I was, less likely I would do what I needed to to feel better. My daily listening to Abraham-Hicks dropped to no listening. They were so not in my vibrational range and listening just pissed me off. I dropped into a very dark, “woe is me”, “my life sucks” self pity hole.

Today I came across an exceptional video that talked to where I was. I had to sign up to view it, but captured it to show you it here. I HIGHLY recommend signing up so you get the future videos in this series. Tara Brach is amazing. You can sign up on the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine website.

Facing Fear

I didn’t realize it, but I spent so much of my days living in wait of the potential troubles happening. Needless to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant stretch of time for me. I felt tired, stressed and burned out all the time. I recognized that fact and I wanted to feel better with out asking anyone else to change. I wanted to find my level even though the seas would occasionally be rough. So, I decided to refocus on me, and what I wanted and needed.

I had been a pretty haphazard in meditating and never did it when it would have been most helpful. So, I added that to my habit tracker and said I would meditate every day. I’m not managing that goal yet, but am getting pretty close. I am taking time out of day to day happenings to focus on something that will make me feel better and more centered.

I also realized that with the stress of my life, came the pounds. I used to be an emotional eater. I’ve stopped that now. I am tracking what I eat and exercise just about every day. I found things that felt good doing (ddpyoga) and I am committed to making myself feel better from the inside out.

Oh, and I am back to listening to Abraham on a daily basis again. It feels good to feel better. I think this lifestyle is a keeper. 🙂

Endlessly Searching

Stormy Seas

It has been a very long time since I have updated this blog. My search for peace has been challenged left and right and, for the most part, I have discovered very little peace over the last two years or so. I think I would be very successful in my quest if I was a hermit living off in the woods by myself, but alas, that isn’t my current situation. I am surrounded by family members, ranging from the early teens to fifties, who have substantial mental health issues. My desire for peace is challenged on an hourly basis at times. I am not happy. I struggle with the day to day life, and want so much more for my time here. Currently my happiness pivots on other people’s situations. I KNOW this isn’t the key to my happiness and peace in this world but I haven’t been able to find my way amidst the storm.

It’s pretty impressive to me how when you ask for help, it appears, if you are open to seeing it. I seem to go in decade time cycles and then something breaks away and immense changes occur and they change is always started by me acknowledging that I need help. Twice in the last 20 years, I remember vividly my asking and giving up on the battle I was waging at the time. Both times amazing things appeared that lead to my inner happiness and major growth. I was in a place where I threw my hands up and said to the universe “I need help! Show me the way.” The second time I did this, about a decade ago, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks and Gary Craig were presented to me. They ALL were instrumental in my survival. I still listen to Abraham on a daily basis, but the other two sort of faded away in their usefulness to me over time.

Occasionally, as of late, I have been going to bed, contemplating not waking back up in the morning. I have no fear of death as we all live on forever. It is the life here on earth that is making me miserable. It would be so much easier to croak in my sleep and begin the cycle all over again. Though as I type that, I realize that it isn’t the life that is making me miserable, but rather my thoughts and feeling about it. As I keep waking up in the morning, I figured that my time here wasn’t ready to be up. So once again, I threw my hands up with “I need help! Show me the way.” As with the last two times, something that peaked my interest was presented to me.

Once again, Gary Craig is focusing me in a direction that feels right and helpful. Last night I got an email from Gary Craig that said he was making all his work from the last 2 decades free for everyone. He is the father of the EFT movement so this felt huge to me. Reading further into the email, Gary was talking about a new exciting direction he is taking. As I can’t find a web copy of the email, I am going to include the email, in full, below. I feel it is a BIG development and I am sure many here will resonate with the direction he is going.

As my interest was peaked, I went over to his new website to see what Optimal EFT was all about. The more I read, the truer it felt to me. Within his pages, he talks about A Course in Miracles. I have heard about it over the years but never really looked into it for some reason. The quotes that he shared on his page have made me realize that perhaps that is a direction that I need to investigate. When the universe drops something into your lap after you have asked for help, you probably should look into it 🙂 I don’t know where this will all lead me, but if the past is an indication of how this will all play out, big changes are about to happen for me.

Gary Craig’s Email


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Hi Everyone,

If you go to our website right now (Wednesday/Thursday) you will see that it is UNDER MAINTENANCE.

That’s because I have been busy developing a new website and overhauling the way we offer our materials. The last stage is now in progress and should be available for you on Sunday. To me, this is the most important thing to happen for the EFT Community in the last 10 years. Here are the highlights.

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  • Optimal EFT, our latest advancement, has been revised and upgraded into a stand-alone website that takes you from beginners level to as far up the cosmic ladder as you wish to go. This involves a new, spiritually oriented way of thinking and, for those willing to seek mastery of the process, the potential goes far beyond any man-made healing method. No tapping is required and I expect this method to eventually be a major player in, if not dominate, the healing field in the future. Again, no charge. It is currently available for your use at

  • The Gold Standard EFT Tutorial is being maintained in its entirety for those who wish to use its principles.

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