Abraham Talks About the Death of Jerry Hicks

When Did Jerry Hicks Die

Jerry, the husband of Esther Hicks, croaked (Abraham’s choice of wording for dying because there is no death) on November 18th, 2011.

How Old Was Jerry Hicks When He Died?

Jerry was 84 when he transitioned.

How Did Jerry Die?

Jerry Hicks died due to cancer. Jerry’s illness was originally reported to be from a spider bite, but cancer was discovered as the doctors did further testing. Despite his medical treatment, Jerry’s health declined, leading to his death. His transition was announced by his wife, Esther Hicks, through their shared website.

Dear, dear Friends,

Our sweet Jerry made his transition into Nonphysical last Friday. How sweet the Vortex is feeling to him today!

Jerry said to me when we came together over 30 years ago that given the difference in our ages that it was likely “that I will cut out on you early,” to which I replied, “I don’t mind.” His joy of life and continual new discovery of purpose kept his life feeling fresh and we shared such joyous eagerness for life.

Over the years, Abraham has consistently insisted that there is no death. Again and again they have reminded us that there is only life and more life and more life. It has taken me some time to understand this, and I honestly must say I have not yet fully come to terms with it, but I do believe that in what we are calling Jerry’s death he is discovering the next logical step of life that Abraham has always been talking about. And at times I am catching a glimpse of the bigness of what Jerry is feeling and while I am still pretty mad at him for not sticking around longer to surprise and delight me in all the ways he has been doing throughout our 30 years together I accept fully that the next logical step of joyous life for Jerry was to be found in his re-emergence into Nonphysical.

Since 1985 it has been Jerry and Esther and Abraham and I believe with everything that I am that that has not changed. I know that Jerry will continue to be the third powerful point of the triad of Energy that makes up the Abraham experience and I am certain that his new vantage point will be, as it has always been, of advantage to us all.

I know for sure that Jerry will help me, in time, release my own personal resistance to physical death, because I will not be able to maintain that resistance and also play easily with him. And my desire to continue not only my Abraham experience but also my Jerry experience I am certain he will be the catalyst to help me do what Abraham has been trying to help us all do all along.

Once again, Jerry is out there leading the way for me. But the difference this time is that I must find the way. I am not there yet, but it is my absolute promise to myself that I will find the way, because it is the most natural thing in the world to do and because Jerry has provided for me the reason to do it.

I am eager about what is ahead and while I cannot begin to explain or even imagine the details of how it is all going to play out, I am certain that it will be fun.

I am such a fortunate girl, to have been able to play with Jerry and Abraham and all of you for so many wonderful years and I am so eager to continue doing more of the same for many more years to come. I feel certain right now that not only has nothing gone wrong, but things are going especially right.

It will be different, for sure, but it will also be very, very good.

I’m feeling such love for you all, and for Abraham and most of all for Jerry. And as I have said to him a thousand or more times through the years, “Well isn’t life just a kick in the pants?”



What Was / Is Jerry’s Roll with Abraham Hicks?

Jerry Hicks was a vital part of Abraham Hicks teachings. Together with his wife Esther, they formed a loving and dynamic duo. Jerry’s primary role was to ask questions, as he was filled with curiosity about life, spirituality, and our relationship with the universe. These questions provided the foundation for the conversations that Esther, channeling Abraham, would engage in.

In many ways, Jerry was the bridge between us – the regular folks with questions about life – and Abraham, the non-physical entities with profound wisdom to share. His down-to-earth approach made the teachings accessible and understandable, creating a friendly and welcoming environment for learners.

But his role didn’t stop there. Behind the scenes, Jerry was responsible for organizing meetings and workshops, creating an environment where people could come together and delve into the teachings. He ensured that the teachings reached those who were ready for them.

To put it simply, Jerry was the heart and driving force behind the physical aspect of Abraham Hicks. He played a crucial part in initiating the dialogue with Abraham and making these enlightening teachings available to all of us. His legacy continues to inspire and guide individuals in their spiritual journeys.

Even though Jerry Hicks croaked,  according to the teachings of Abraham Hicks, his spirit is very much alive and active.

In the non-physical realm, Jerry continues to play a significant role in the Abraham Hicks work. Esther Hicks feels Jerry’s presence and believes he provides guidance and inspiration from the non-physical perspective. Jerry’s transition has added a new dimension to the teachings, providing a deeper understanding of life, death, and the continuity of consciousness.

Remember, in the teachings of Abraham Hicks, death is seen as a transition back to non-physical energy rather than an end. So, while Jerry is no longer with us physically, his spirit, according to Esther, continues to participate in the work they started together, offering wisdom and insight from his new vantage point.

This perspective encourages followers to see death as not an ending but a continuation of spiritual growth and exploration. It’s believed that Jerry continues to be an active part of the conversation, inspiring Esther and many followers of the Abraham Hicks teachings.

Why Does Abraham Use The Term Croaking Instead of Dying?

Abraham uses the term “croaking” to refer to the process we typically call death. It might sound a bit funny, but there’s a good reason for it.

They use this term to lighten the mood around the idea of death. In their view, death isn’t a sad or scary thing. It’s just a transition.

When we “croak,” according to Abraham, we’re not really dying. Instead, our spirit is moving from a physical body to a non-physical state. It’s like a journey our spirit goes on.

So, when Abraham says “croaking,” they mean the soul is going on its next adventure. It’s a joyful and natural part of our soul’s journey!

The Controversy Surrounding Jerry Hicks’ Death

The buzz around Jerry Hicks’ passing is a bit tricky. Some folks think that Jerry should have stopped his sickness or healed himself because he was a pro at teaching the law of attraction. They say his death shows that maybe these teachings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

But if you believe in the law of attraction and Abraham’s teachings, let’s look at it another way:

  • Life is Full of Ups and Downs: Abraham says that all parts of life, the good and the tough, help us grow. It’s like learning what we like by experiencing what we don’t.
  • Death is Not a Bad Thing: Abraham sees death differently. It’s not about losing or failing but moving on to a new, non-physical stage. So, Jerry’s passing could be his soul’s choice to keep growing.
  • Manifesting Can Be Complicated: The law of attraction says that we attract what we think about. But our thoughts can be a jumble, with some we don’t even know we have. So, it’s not as simple as wanting health and always getting it.
  • Well-being is More Than Health: Abraham talks about “unconditional well-being.” This means feeling good isn’t just about what’s happening outside us. Even when we’re sick, we can still find joy and alignment.

So, from a believer’s angle, Jerry’s passing isn’t a contradiction. It’s part of his soul’s journey, moving between physical and non-physical experiences. The aim is not to avoid tough times but to find happiness in any situation.

Abraham Addresses the Controversy 

Video Transcript

Hot Seater:

Okay, I’m just gonna ask the question that everybody’s afraid to ask. And if you if, it’s been asked because I go to live streams and whatnot and then I haven’t heard the answer, but … Really what’s bothering me and like in the Abraham community? It’s kind of nobody’s talking about it.  If my understanding is correct, then according to you guys, Jerry died the wrong way. He died through resistance. 


Well, it’s not possible to die the wrong way.  We had a conversation about that that was really satisfying here today, but Jerry’s vortex was calling him. The resistance was about the physical calling too. That’s what we were explaining. 

In other words, if Jerry had not been integrated with Esther… Well, first of all, it’s an unnecessary conversation to have but if Jerry had not been integrated with Esther, his transition would have been much easier and would have happened long ago. 

Jerry had asked his questions.  His questions that he presented to us in private conversation was all about:

Wanting to understand what the non-physical is.  

Wanting to know what that next logical step was. 

Wanting to be advantage as to as much advantage as he could.

Always his desire is to uplift and his opportunity to uplift now is greater from non-physical.

Esther knows it and feels it all day every day. But Esther’s desire to hold him here physically in… other words neither one of them consciously were willing to let go of all of the physical interaction that they had.

So that was the resistance.

If there’s anything that Esther walked away from all of that feeling strongly, it was what we talked about briefly here, which is about not wanting to cling so much to life that you make the true involvement, with what really is life, more difficult to accomplish.

The the whole death thing is so dramatically misunderstood.

Every day, every day that Jerry and Esther were together, one of them said to the other and then the other referred..compounded it by saying it back, “We are so good together” you see. 

And Esther was not factoring in the togetherness that is still possible.  Now that she knows what she knows, she would not have been a clinger. She would not have been someone who would have who would have made it necessary for the resistance.

But you got to understand Esther has this work that she wants to do, and it’s work that Jerry and Esther wanted to do together. She had this work that she wants to do, that if Jerry had sat in his chair and been gone the next day, it is unlikely that Esther would have ever stood on this stage again.

In other words, the devastation of the abruptness of that, would have been unthinkable to Esther. But because of the way it happened, Where months that he was cheering her on from home, as he was watching the live stream … the live stream exists because of her wanting Jerry to participate in these from a distance, you see.  

And so, and so, yhe gentle, comfortable – he had an experience that was pain-free. That was slow and gradual enough to provide for Esther the stability that she needed for a comfortable transition into this work with him approaching it from another perspective, you see. 

Yeah we are pleased that you have asked the question and you see the reason that the question is such a hard… That’s the first thing that Esther thought of “Why in the world would something like this happen to us?” and now her response is “why in the world would something like this happen to us.”

In other words, 

to understand that we are eternal, 

to understand that there is no death 

to be able to take the subject that is the greatest subject of greatest resistance that most people are worried about more than all other things put together and 

to be able to put it into a context where she can wholly explain that, not only, does she know that there is no death, but that there is nothing about it that is unwanted, you see.

 And so as Esther is editing, she is mindful of what was, doing a little thinking about what was in relationship, with what is and she will be working on the editing of something or of the choosing of the the track titles, of the doing, the specific doing of the things that Jerry was doing. 

And she will feel her foot twitching in the way that his foot always twitched or her finger fiddling in the way that his finger always fiddled and then the clarity of what he was doing, flowing through her mind, and she will think 

“when we were together, you were in that end of the bus. I was in that end of the bus or you were in that room and I was in that room or you were on that porch and I was on that porch or we were together and we were rendezvousing on occasion all through the day” because they spent all of their time in near proximity with one another but never have I experienced the deliciousness of you knowing exactly what I’m doing while I edit.

He never sat and watched her edit a recording. He never knew what that process was. He was never integrated with her thought by thought mind by mind. In other words, the togetherness that they were all talking about, that the two of them were talking about, is more profound and more satisfying today than it has ever been.

And it’s hard to hear when you’re, it was hard for Esther to accept at first, but once she stopped looking for Jerry where he wasn’t, and started looking for him where he is

which is in every step she takes 

which is in every thought she thinks 

which is in every bite she eats 

which is in every physical experience that she experiences 

Now she can feel the true integration of what a true soulmate is, you see, and now there is no lack that is being experienced by her. 

So if there is anything that Jerry wanted the world to understand, it is that it’s okay. No matter what, it’s okay.

People are taking death experiences… We had a conversation about that early today and wanting to compare the rightness or the wrongness and the rightness or the wrongness and the rightness of the wrongness, and we say there is no wrongness. 

There’s only rightness, you see. And ultimately, and Esther didn’t like this hearing this from us, at the moment in time that she heard it, but she understands it fully now.

As she said “Abraham I can see what’s happening and I want you to know that I like it not one bit.” And we said to her, “We know but you don’t get to vote on this.”

In other words, this is between Jerry and his source. 

This is between Jerry and his purpose for being.

This is between Jerry and you have an option Esther You can experience it in joy, or you can experience it in pain.

She chose joy. 

So she has a friend who can see the energy of Jerry.  She sees him all around, especially when we talk about him. He spikes up all over the place. 

Any of you see any energy in this room? He’s all around, you see, he’s all around.

And his broader view makes him available to everyone.  In other words, people all over the planet receiving clear thought from Jerry because he is their touchstone into non-physical currently. Not the only one of course, but their touchstone into non-physical. 

He is appreciating you’re fleshing this out.

TL;DR of Video Transcript

A workshop attendee asked about Jerry’s death, suggesting it involved resistance, contrary to Abraham’s teachings. Abraham clarified that there’s no right or wrong way to die. Jerry’s spirit was simply being called to the non-physical realm.

Jerry’s deep connection with Esther added complexity to his transition. But he always sought to understand the afterlife and uplift others, which he can do even better now.

Esther and Jerry found it hard to let go of their physical togetherness. This was their resistance. Now, Esther experiences a deeper bond with Jerry, feeling his influence in daily tasks and movements. She sees him not as physically absent, but as spiritually present in every aspect of her life.

Abraham’s main point: Everything, even death, is okay. It’s not about right or wrong but about the journey of life. When Jerry was transitioning, Esther chose joy over pain and now feels his energy all around. Jerry’s broader view is a touchstone for many, connecting them to the non-physical. He’s still here, just in a new form.

Abraham Talks About the Death of Jerry Hicks

I had the pleasure of watching this video in the streaming format while it was occurring. It was a magical couple of hours. I didn’t know how Esther would be fully connected to Abraham, but she did. In addition to Abraham, Jerry made an appearance on several occasions, as well. The way the event flowed helped me realize, over again, that there truly is no such thing as death. We live on eternally.

Video Transcript


Thank you very much. Esther bought a new, really beautiful covering. She planned to wear it today. Tracy helped her pick it. It was really beautiful. It had the ruffles she likes and some sparkles. It was mostly black. And as she took it out of the closet to put it in the suitcase, she was pretty sure she heard Jerry say, “Did someone die?”  So she put the blouse on he liked the most. 

And here you are. 

Hot Seater

Oh, fantastic. Well, that was… 


Little did you know the vibrational match you were to that. More of that causation stuff. 

Hot Seater

Yeah, yeah, exactly. 

And of course, that’s a leading, a wonderful lead-in to my first question, which is why, well, you just said with the last hot seater, that this, in the deepest, deepest sense, is the leading edge. “Why did Jerry leave now, and how is it perfect, his and our, perfect for his and our greater expansion and joy?”


Because there is very little separation between the physical part of the leading edge and the non-physical part of the leading edge. That’s really the point that we’re wanting to make with all of this. 

In other words, we are all so in this together that it makes little difference. 

And humans are really hung up on this death thing. In other words, most of you are so, so worried about death that you don’t really live. 

Hot Seater



It’s time for a bridge. Yeah. It’s time for a bridge. 

Hot Seater

A bridge. A bridge. That’s interesting. Can you say more on that? 


Not really. 

Hot Seater

Okay. Yeah. You brought it. 


Figure it out. We’re really tired of you leaving all the answers to us. 

Hot Seater

Yeah. Right. That’s great. 


Well, in the sense that, and you’ve heard us say this many times, that whenever someone makes their transition into non-physical, there is always more asking, more interest in the interaction. 

And Esther has had wonderful interaction with that which is Abraham, but she’s been wondering, and many of you have too, in other words, what is it like to reemerge into non-physical? 

What’s it really like?  And so over the weeks and months and years, there will be much more definition of that coming. Because there is much more question about that coming. 

But the most important thing is that none of you have come forth to be in these physical bodies forever. 

You’ve come to let life inspire you, and sometimes you reach the place where the non-physical clarity is the greater inspiration. 

In other words, when your questions have been answered, when your life experience is full, because you never stop reaching for that which is more, you see.

Hot Seater

It’s on that then, the non-physical, the word you just used? 


Not, this is the thing that we want you to hear, and this speaks it more than anything ever, ever, ever, because you all know the intensity of the desire of the one that you know as Jerry. 

So when you accept that, that inquisitiveness is not gone because he’s reemerged into non-physical, that interest in life is not waning but actually inflamed.

In other words, it’s that sort of bridge, to help you to understand, because as much as we stand here as exactly the same representation of non-physical energy, you still think we’re dead. 

Hot Seater

Yeah, I hear you, yeah. 


And you still think we’re different than that which you are. 

Humans have a hard time accepting that when Source is flowing, that it flows through the physical extensions of all that you are, and that there is not a separation. 

And so it will be a personal discovery for Esther, certainly has already become one for Jerry, and for any who are wanting to take the trail along. 

Esther was sitting and editing the Twice Monthly, sitting at the kitchen counter in San Antonio, and her sister was there, and Becky said, “Look behind you”, and there was a bird, a big bird, not a hummingbird, a big bird, acting like a hummingbird, hovering, hovering right outside the window, looking right over Esther’s shoulder, hovering over, hovering, hovering. 

Birds don’t do that. It is aerodynamically incorrect. It is incorrect. 

You don’t get in a little corner as a bird and just hover, ordinarily, unless you have been inspired by non-physical consciousness to take a peek at something you’re interested in seeing. 

So there are all kinds of those experiences that will help all of you to realize that there is no separation between what you call non-physical and what you call physical. 

And in this process, perhaps there will be a little diminishment of the dread factor. The dread factor of something that is non-existent. You might as well get over it. 

Do you know anyone who will not die? Right. You don’t. You don’t know anyone. 100% of you. 100% of you stand in resistance to something that is absolutely inevitable. It’s time to get over the death. 

Hot Seater

Woo! Yeah. 


It’s time to get over it. It’s time to get over it. It’s time to feel the fullness of who you are. 

Hot Seater

Fantastic. Fantastic. Well I wasn’t actually, this wasn’t one of the questions, but it was something that was in the back of my head, and since we’re in a unique environment here, and since there is no separation, you’ve done such a fantastic job at times with certain people, certain environments, to hear from that other side. I have been wondering, now or going forward, could we hear from Jerry? 


Oh, you’ll hear a lot from Jerry. You’ll hear a lot from him. When we looked around the room and said, you look good, that was Jerry. 

Hot Seater

Oh, nice. Fantastic. 


Because we’ve never thought you looked particularly good. 

Hot Seater

Yeah, that was, that was, that was, that’s fantastic. Yeah. That was a new line. I was surprised at that. That was fantastic. I’m like, oh, that’s, oh, okay. 


And those of you who have been hanging around, you’ll recognize Jerry’s input, and in some case, it will be hard to separate it, because he’s been hanging around with us, as have you, while physically focused, but it will be evident. Wonderful. And at times, obnoxious and annoying. 

Hot Seater

Great. Well, that’s fantastic, on that metaphor of the bridge. 


Because he is that sort of bridge. In other words, we have been non-physically focused, and the, you have to understand that everything that we are…you’re going to enjoy this. 

So, Esther, in her alignment, and over time, don’t read your notes, listen to us. 

Hot Seater

Okay, alright. 


You know? That was Jerry. What? That was Jerry.

Hot Seater

Hi. Hi. 


He wants to say, Esther, in her alignment, has managed, and in her meditation through years, has managed to focus us into a beingness that is evident to you. 

Well, the same thing happens when you are born into your physical body. You focus consciousness into a beingness. And we want you to feel that. It’s focusing consciousness into a beingness. 

Now, it’s easy for you to acknowledge that, because as we were saying earlier, there you sit in those clumps. Irreverent, aren’t we? 

There you are in those clumps, those individual personalities. But, when you interact with each other, your attention, your expectation, in the attitude of causation that we were talking about earlier, where there is a collaboration or a collective coming together, you literally focus personalities from those people that you interact with. You see it in children. They behave differently with that person than that person. So there is a focusing of consciousness. 

Now, most humans don’t want to even consider that. You want to give complete causation to the kid who spilled the milk. Or complete causation to whatever the personality is in that person. You shouldn’t act like that. 

When we would like to say there is a group dynamic going on here that is causing that behavior to be focused or summoned or exuded or extracted or attracted. 

In other words, that’s going on all the time. All the time. And so now there is this non-physical consciousness, this non-physical collective consciousness, this infinite intelligence which you all focus into being. 

Jerry got this ball rolling in a very powerful way because he had lived so much life and had so many questions and when he began to interact with what he knew to be infinite intelligence, that his life had focused so much of it into being. You see. And so the questions began flowing. 

Esther said she was glad to see you here and she was glad to see you here because as she was looking because she acknowledges that there are many who will continue that that summoning of consciousness in the way that Jerry got it started. And it is so much more global now because now we’ve laid this baseline. 

People understand that as Seth said who got it started even before you create your own reality. And Jerry said if that is so how is it so? Seth said your point of power is in the now. And Jerry said if that is so how is that so? 

And so we’ve spent the last 26 years answering that question for Jerry and others. That’s a question that we really want to talk about here today and you are bringing it right out to the leading edge again because it’s the focusing of consciousness forward you see. 

So you want to feel a certain amount of responsibility for what you’re extracting from your grandchildren or from your children or from your government. Take some of the credit for what you are extracting from your government. In your criticism of them you get more of it. In your appreciation of it you get more of it. In your attention to anything you get more of it. 

So now here is Esther. She’s been focusing us into being with the help of Jerry only in the beginning and many like you as it began to evolve. And so now here is this consciousness known as Abraham and you have a level of expectation about what it is. You know we’re infinite intelligence or at least you think we are. We are. We are. 

In the sense that we have access to any thought that you activate enough to bring into focus. In other words you are the creation of what goes on here. The collective consciousness and expectation of that which you are is what summons this. So you all have a sort of attitude or expectation of what the non-physical is. 

Well Jerry’s introduction or re-emergence into, it adds a different dynamic at least for Esther because Esther doesn’t want Jerry to be Abraham. She’s already got Abraham. 

Hot Seater

Right. Right. 


You see.  She wants his unique introduction to it. Well what’s going to make that? What’s going to make what’s going to cause Esther to feel? Is Jerry going to assert himself into this pitch? 

Hot Seater

No we have to keep it alive the essence. 


No it isn’t that way. You don’t have to. You can’t help it. But but it is Jerry or Abraham are we going to assert our knowledge into a forum like this or 

is your expectation 

is your wondering

is your inquiry 

are you the ones that focus that into being you see? 

And so and that’s unsettling that’s unsettling a bit to someone like Esther. Waiting for the unsettling to leave. Hmm. But when she remembers what law of attraction is and she remembers what the power of focus is so now that’s that bridge we were talking about. 

She has that unique perspective that summons specifically that’s that bridge. 

Hot Seater

And we’re part of that summoning and how yeah. 


Well we would suggest that you just get on with what you’re getting on with. In other words be who you are let your life experience in other words there is no obligation ever. No obligation. 

You first of all you can’t separate physical from non-physical and there’s too much of an integration.  There will never be it is not possible to ever separate that. 

Hot Seater

But what’s unsettling about what just transpired there? I don’t if she knows we know and we’re in essence it seems like creating a legend. 


Practice vibration is what we were talking about at the very first question. Practice vibration. It is normal…

Hot Seater

There is no separation. 


There is no separation but humans have practiced the feeling of it. And so certain things trigger the feeling of separation and when the feeling of separation is there then separation is experienced.  It’s really as simple as that. 

Hot Seater

So actually communicating even to Esther his partner and so forth is actually a totally appropriate thing even though it may be unsettling it’s still to continue that drawing and that recollecting and what are you meaning by the summoning and it’s unsettling to hear about Jerry? I didn’t understand what that meant. 


Only unsettling for Esther at some times in other words because of the feeling of loss. 

Hot Seater

Okay. Got it. Alright. Well speaking of 


Which is bogus. 

Hot Seater

Yeah. But totally fine. 



Hot Seater

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 


But out of the vortex. 

Hot Seater



And unnecessary.

Hot Seater

There we go. 


Yes. So most people when they’re speaking of accountability, they’re saying to another your behavior and, more important, my attention to your behavior has taken me out of the vortex into a horrible feeling place and you need to do something different so that I can feel better. 

Esther said that to Jerry for a few days after he made his transition. She was so mad at him. She was just so mad at him because he was missing and she just thought that was ridiculous. 

She just couldn’t come to terms with it and then after a few days of realizing that what was she really asking him to do? Undo that. 

And so she realized there must be another way. There must be another way. And we want you all to know that there is always another way and it’s an easy easy, easy, easy easy, easy, easy way. 

It’s finally not making somebody else accountable for how you feel. Isn’t that the ultimate? Damn it Jerry you’re dead and I feel bad. Do something about it. Become undead. 

Well of course there is no dead but it took her a while to remember that and to find it again you see. 

Switch to Another Hot Seater 

Hot Seater

It has been said that there’s much more of a shock and recognition of birth than it is of death. 


We say it often and we mean it. It takes you a little while to get refocused into your physical body and to regain your footing. But in the re-emerging into the non-physical experience you take all that you are and you stand from that leading edge place and you revel in everything that you see and you have the ability to see everything. 

The subject of physical death is something that is so misunderstood by humans that … we were talking earlier and we really liked the conversation about how can something that feels so wrong actually be right. 

Esther experienced this in a very strong way as Jerry made his transition because it felt wrong to her. It felt wrong on every level that she could approach it. It felt like bad timing. It felt inappropriate. It was not what she wanted. It wasn’t what she was writing about or thinking about. It wasn’t what she wanted. 

And for a while the wrongness of it was just sucking the life out of her. 

And then one day she stumbled. It felt like stumbling because it wasn’t a thought she went looking for but it was a thought that in her weariness there was enough resistance in her weariness that she was able to find it. 

And the thought was, “What if this isn’t wrong but what if it is right?  What if what if it is only right?”   

And then and then all of the exhilaration that she’d been missing came back. All of the feelings of clarity that she’d been missing came back. And there is something that it’s such an interesting thing as humans. You you’re all here interacting together with so many lists of so many things that you’ve decided are wrong that you hold yourself in resistance to all of the things that are right. 

And and the thing that’s so really interesting about that is that you wouldn’t know the rightness if you didn’t know the wrongness. In other words if you didn’t know what you don’t prefer you would not know what you do prefer. 

It really requires stepping back into a broader perspective in order to understand not just the rightness but the perfection of this ongoing consciousness that is you. 

In other words, 

The opportunities to keep changing perspective.

The opportunities to stand in another new place .

The opportunities to look from a different vantage point.

The opportunity to explore. 

In other words that’s what you are doing as you come into this physical experience. 

You are non-physical energy coming to a different vantage point. And when you re-emerge into non-physical, it is equally exhilarating to then view it from another vantage point. 

And the thing that is tripping most physical beings up is that you think that the physical vantage point is where physical beings all come and just think about the physical. 

We’re about to tell you something profound that you will always want to remember. 

You think that as you come into physical form that you come with the intention of being physical and thinking about things that are physical. And then you incorrectly assume that when you are non-physical that you are thinking about non-physical things. 

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When what you are always thinking about whether you are non-physically focused or physically focused is what’s out here on this physical leading edge of thought. 

So when you look at it that way, just take Jerry for example and this body of work that we are about or even Esther as he has been approaching Esther through all of this time. 

Imagine what it was like for him to be physically focused and involved in all of this. Setting up the meetings; getting the meeting rooms the way he liked them; posing the questions putting it into an environment where it was perfect for you; wanting to make it conducive for you to come and ask whatever question that you wanted. 

In other words as people would say oh you should do more of this or this or this Jerry always said every single time:

 “Our work what we want (meaning Esther and Jerry and Abraham) is to provide an opportunity for brilliant people to come forward with the basis of life that they have lived and present their point of view in this leading edge environment to take thought beyond that which it has been before.  

We trust that Law of Attraction will gather up those who are ready for that. Our work is not the promotion of it our work is the creation of the work you see. “

So imagine the fulfillment and satisfaction that he had, as he was the beginning asking and essential to the process of that evolution. 

Now imagine what it must be like for him. We’re asking you to to contemplate it from a joy level. Imagine what it must be like for him now to shift that point of consciousness and see it from the non-physical point of view. 

In other words it was the next logical step for him but you would have to understand the intensity of his desire in order to get it, you see. 

Hard thing to understand that anyone would prefer that to this. But the non-physical point of view is really, really good. 

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Thank you. 

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I have one other thing. When I found out that Jerry made his transition it was because I was reading an email that Esther sent out.   So it was a you know a few days or so after that happened so I hadn’t heard about it until then. And when I heard about it this really you know when I was reading it this really beautiful feeling of joy overcame me. I knew I was in a really good place and with understanding everything that you have been teaching us because that feeling of joy overcame me more than anything else and right at that moment I was about halfway through that and I was recognizing that feeling and I looked up at the clock and it was 5.55 and I knew..


That was Jerry. That was Jerry. So Jerry. His favorite thing. Yeah. 333-444-555 Esther begged him to stop waking her and telling her. 

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Well Kristen will be really pleased to hear that I haven’t done that to her because two mornings after that I woke up and it was 5.55. The second time I woke up and it was 5.54 so I sat there and I watched it turn 5.55. 


That was also Jerry. 

Hot Seater

Yeah. And I smiled with Jerry right then. That was great. 

So this is I just want to say one more thing and this is for Esther for when she’s playing the workshop back. I just wanted to tell her that I understand her and Jerry’s connection to the source energy within her and Jerry and the quest for alignment with themselves as individuals first and foremost is why they have what I have come to know as one of the most joyful relationships I have ever witnessed. 

And it is in the knowing of some of the details of their relationship through stories that you have shared with us or on spending time with them on cruises with stories they have shared with us, that I have been inspired and influenced into allowing that for myself and having that with my partner. And that has been the golden nugget for me in all of this. 

And as much as Esther feels that she is most alive in these type of forums, so do we.

And I am looking forward to the more that is coming and appreciate the time and the energy focused here for the expansion. 

Thank you so much. We love you. We love you both.

TL;DR of Video Transcript

  1. The discussion started with the Hot Seater expressing gratitude towards Abraham for the guidance provided. They also mentioned their struggle with accountability and asked how they could improve it.
  2. Abraham responded by saying that the accountability we often look for in others is often a projection of our own feelings. This can create a barrier to our own spiritual and personal growth.
  3. The Hot Seater then raised a question about Jerry, Esther’s late husband. Abraham explained that while Esther might feel a sense of loss, that feeling is born from a sense of separation that doesn’t truly exist in the non-physical realm.
  4. Abraham expressed that the feelings of loss are normal but also unnecessary, reflecting that it’s part of being human. They also stressed that Esther’s frustration came from her feeling of separation from Jerry, which was eventually resolved as she accepted his transition.
  5. The conversation shifted to another Hot Seater who talked about the concept of birth and death. Abraham gave insights, saying that transitioning to the non-physical form is a return to a state of pure positive energy, offering a broader perspective and a different vantage point.
  6. Abraham then clarified that whether we are in physical or non-physical form, we always focus on the physical leading edge of thought. They used Jerry’s involvement with the workshop as an example to explain this concept further.
  7. The next Hot Seater expressed joy when they learned of Jerry’s transition, seeing it as a positive step and a sign of their understanding of Abraham’s teachings. They also mentioned several instances where they felt Jerry’s presence in their life, such as waking up at 5:55.
  8. Finally, the Hot Seater thanked Esther and Jerry for inspiring them to seek alignment with their own source energy and shared their excitement for more learning and expansion.

This video revolved around understanding accountability, dealing with loss, the concept of physical and non-physical forms, and the joy of aligning with our source energy. It’s a testament to the power of personal growth, spiritual learning, and the journey we all undertake in understanding the broader perspective of life.

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12 years ago

This is not completion it is continuation.

Thank you for sharing this clip.