Water The Flowers, Not The Weeds

If you’re out watering your flower garden by hand, you naturally concentrate the flow of water to benefit your beautiful flowers. If there’s an area of weeds, you don’t waste water there. As best you can, you avoid watering the weeds. It’s the same with your consciousness. You can learn to selectively water the positive … Read more

Watch Your Mouth (and Thoughts)! – How What You Say and Think Influences Your Experience

Have you ever stopped to ponder the sheer power your thoughts and words wield? More often than not, we find ourselves engrossed in life’s rapid pace, neglecting this profound influence. However, both Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction underscore that the language we use, both verbally and mentally, shapes our life journey in unimaginable … Read more

555 Meaning and Use in Law of Attraction

555 Law of Attraction

The universe communicates with us in many ways, often subtly but profoundly. Two such ways are through the Law of Attraction and numerology. The Law of Attraction suggests that our thoughts, whether positive or negative, shape our experiences. It’s about aligning our energy and focus with what we want to happen. On the other hand, … Read more