Water The Flowers, Not The Weeds

If you’re out watering your flower garden by hand, you naturally concentrate the flow of water to benefit your beautiful flowers. If there’s an area of weeds, you don’t waste water there. As best you can, you avoid watering the weeds. It’s the same with your consciousness. You can learn to selectively water the positive seeds and flowers in you by attending to them. There are enough weeds. You don’t have to encourage them.

– Thomas Bien

This quote by Thomas Bien uses a gardening metaphor to describe how we should manage our thoughts, which aligns well with the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Here’s what it means in simple words:

When you’re gardening, you give water to your flowers, not the weeds. Just like this, with your thoughts, you should focus more on the positive ones and less on the negatives.

This quote is in line with the teachings of Abraham. Abraham says our thoughts and feelings send signals to the Universe. The Universe then responds with experiences that match these signals.

So, if you “water” your positive thoughts (by focusing on them), you’re sending positive signals. The Universe will then bring you positive experiences. If you “water” negative thoughts, you’ll get negative experiences. So, try to focus on the positives, just like you’d water the flowers and not the weeds.