Grids and The Emotional Scale – Abraham-Hicks

Really great discussion on the about grid building and how all the grids are still built even if you are building new ones on top. Esther and the hotseater build some great feeling grids at the end 🙂

I am SO loving the teachings that have evolved since Jerry’s croaking. This particular workshop is VERY filled with grid conversations. If you really want it, you will have to go and subscribe to the Masters Program and then purchase previous workshops. Well worth the $50 for the mp3 download. If you really don’t want to subscribe, then you can go and cancel your subscription with no further charges to your credit card. 😀

It’s my intention to talk about this stuff with anyone who wants to. Please feel free to comment below and let’s get the good feeling party rolling!

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11 years ago

Helloooo 🙂 nice video and thanks for the timer! haha