When You’re Tuned In, You Can’t See Flaws – Abraham Quote

If you’re really tuned in to who you are, you can’t see a flaw in someone. And if you see a flaw in someone, it’s not their flaw!

Abraham, Australian Cruise January 2011

It’s funny how these quotes show up like this. This one came from the Abe Quotes list on yahoo. I had recently had a conversation with hubby about this issue similar to this. As of late, I had been out of the vortex in a big way, which normally is okay, but this time I found myself falling into the strong expectations that my husband carries around with him. When I am centered, his beliefs (baggage), don’t affect me at all, but when I am out of the vortex, I find myself falling into line with what he is certain will happen with our relationship.

You cannot create in the experience of another because you cannot think their thoughts. . . . It is the thoughts they are thinking, the words they are speaking, or the acts they are doing that is bringing forth the emotional response (agony) from their Inner Being. They are creating their own agony by giving thought to that which they do not want.

Now, what you can do for them is to set the example of joy. Become a Being who thinks only of that which he is wanting; who speaks of only that which he is wanting; who only does that which he is wanting—and therefore brings forth only joyful emotion.

The Law of Attraction
by Esther and Jerry Hicks, p. 67

I am sooooo appreciative that my out of the vortex times are typically short lived, and this one was no different. I was out long enough to see how influence plays a part in our relationships. I see that I am in full control of my experience and I am choosing now to move my way back into the vortex and finding joy as I go. I like knowing that my connectedness is a stronger influence in this relationship, (it only takes one fully connected to source to make an amazing difference in the world) and that it will help us move, joyously, into our old age together 🙂