How You Want Your Children to See You – Abraham-Hicks Quote

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Your life experience only has to do about your vibrational relationship with this evolved being you’ve become. And, when you get that, everything begins to come into alignment for you and that’s the best example you can give to your children.

Wouldn’t you love to have your children say about you, when they’re talking to your friends:

“My mom’s always happy.”

Wouldn’t you love to have your children say about you don’t know they’re listening:

“My mom trusts me.”
“My mom thinks I’m really smart.”
“My mom thinks I have good judgment.”
“My mom thinks that I can figure things out on my own.”

Wouldn’t you just love to have your children know that’s the way you feel about them?

“When my mom gets upset, she gets over it really fast.”
“My mom doesn’t hold grudges.”
“My mom doesn’t seem to worry about things.”
“Things go really good for my mom.”
“My mom lives a really good life.”
“Everybody really likes my mom.”

Isn’t that the kind of legacy that you want to leave? Or would you rather have someone say:

“Oh, my mom, she worked so hard.
She put us kids through school.
She never had a moment to herself.
She sacrificed everything that she had for us.”

We know, the other (*referring to the life is hard version) sells books, but you WANT to feel THAT way (*referring to the positive aspects version) about your mom.

Alaskan Cruise July 8 2007 CD B
Track: “It’s Parenting, Or Discipline”