Get Happy! – Abraham Hicks

Get Happy!

I loved this bit of the workshop. I don’t think I have ever heard Abraham cuss before, but it was extremely funny to me! 🙂

Ultimately, the message is to GET HAPPY!

Track – “Focused on wanted, or unwanted?”
Abraham-Hicks Workshop, Los Angeles, California 8/17/08

Transcript of “Get Happy” Abraham Hicks Video

Have we made our explanation too complicated?

“I’ve been studying your work since 1990. I’m trying really hard to remember your words.” and so we want to give them to you in an easier to remember format. 

Get happy in any way you can. 

If you have to run away from home, do it. 

If you have to go to the beach every day, do it. 

Do anything that you can do to get happy. 

In most cases, it does not involve action because, in most cases, if you take action in your effort to get happy, some boom drops on you, like you get fired, and then you don’t have any money or something like that. 

Get happy in your mind. 

Find a way to make such peace with where you are that you allow your gap to close. That’s what getting happy is. It’s making peace with where you are because if you make peace with where you are, this vortex that is spinning will suck you right into the perfection of all of it. 

Get happy.

Simplistic we know. That’s why we write so many books, but then all of those books, you say,

“Oh, there’s so much to learn. Look at all of these pages. There’s so much to learn. All of these emotions that I didn’t even know that I had. All of these laws. All of these laws. Look at all of these laws. Universal laws? What in the hell is vibration anyway? I don’t understand. Ask and It Is Given?  That’s bullshit. I’ve been asking where’s my stuff? Where’s my stuff? I’ve been asking! Where’s my stuff?”

So we give you all of the words and you say “Way too many words” and we say get happy and you say “Oh, too simplistic”. 

And we say really, really all you got to do is just find a reason to feel good. In other, words that conversation we just had, that was better than the whole seminar put together. You laughed. You know it’s true. 

There isn’t anything that is written here that you didn’t know the day you were born. We’re just reminding you of it.

You can tell every time you enter into a conversation that you know isn’t going well for you. 

You can feel it. 

We’re talking about feeling interested in things.

You can feel when you’re defeating yourself. 

You can feel when you’re bolstering yourself. 

You can feel when you’re uplifting another. 

You can feel when you’re deflating another. 

You know this stuff. 

You know this stuff. 

You have just, over time, lowered your standards about how you’re willing to feel. You’ve gotten used to being ornery. You’re not deliberate about feeling good because you don’t understand the power of feeling good. You see. 

We’re not talking about laughing hee haw off the wall. 

We’re talking about waking up and being glad that you’re awake and glad that you’re alive and looking out across the landscape and wanting to see what’s there. 

We’re talking about seeing things and feeling interested in them.

We’re talking about having a conversation with someone across the table and devouring every word and loving the conversation that you’re having. 

We’re talking about looking into the eyes of children and babies and animals and lovers and feeling the fullness of who you are. 

We’re talking about getting tuned in, tapped in, turned on and seeing the world through the eyes of your total self rather than this fragmented one you see. 

Just chill out. 

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11 years ago

Loved your words of truth and frankness. Seems so simply and yet we make it so complicated.