Be Moderate About the Vortex

Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Creation Workshop
North Los Angeles, CA — 2/12/11
Masters Program Disc 3
“She is in love with everything.”

So what we are getting at here with you, this has been a really good demonstration of energy moving. We want you all to just acknowledge that you are in the Vortex, at one time or another, on several occasions through the day. And sometimes it just feels like a place of utter peacefulness. Sometimes it feels like a place of appreciation that just wells up in you. Sometimes it feels like love. Sometimes it feels like eagerness. But in almost every case, it is a sort of brief spiking, that as you acknowledge it, will come to you frequently. We would like you to feel the Vortex as this place where you move from interest to eagerness to love to appreciation to peacefulness. But we would like you to realize that, as you hang around there, in any of that range of emotions, that the more that you are able to maintain your vibrational frequency there, the more within the vortex you will begin to spike. So that the lowest of your day will still be in the Vortex and the highest of your day will be off the wall sort of enthusiasm. We want you to feel moderate about the Vortex. We don’t want you to hype the Vortex. That really is the message we want to give you. We don’t want you to hype it, we want you to feel natural within it.

We would rather that you feel Worthy, and Loved, and Blessed, even than eager, and passionate. Because the Loved and Worthy and Blessed is sustainable from moment to moment to moment. Where that high flying enthusiasm, the specifics of it, they’re only going to come occasionally. So we don’t want you to misunderstand when you are in the Vortex. We don’t want you to think the Vortex is always that bouncing off the wall stuff. We want you to realize that when sometimes just sitting in quiet contemplation, in a feeling of utter well being, you’re in the vortex, and you are doing the work. In fact, anytime that you’re not feeling negative emotion, you’re doing the work.