Abraham-Hicks – Appreciation, Gratitude, Tears and Pregnant Vortex

Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Appreciation Workshop
North Los Angeles, CA — 2/12/11
Masters Program Disc 1
“She is now pregnant with her desire.”



It is really wonderful to have this opportunity, to be with you in this way. Thank you Esther. Thank you Jerry. Thank you Karen, Mike, Barbara, Jeanie – all you guys are so kind and wonderful to me and I just want you to know that I appreciate you all.

And of course you don’t deserve it at all.

Oh – {laughs} I am so worthy and deserving.

When people are nice to you it’s because that’s your point of attraction, isn’t it.

Yeah, it is, exactly and many,many people are nice to me so I appreciate that so much, including you.

Abraham, we had our first conversation back in 2006 and many more since then. I told you in 2007, and any one who would listen, that in 2008 I was going to procreate. That year came and went and no baby.

Well you missed your window… talk about a stale desire. Tell us more – get really specific

{laughs} I hear you, I got a lot more for you.

I created a new mantra for the following year and that was “I’m gonna be fine cuz my baby’s coming in 2009”. And 2009 came and went and no baby. So in 2010…

Let’s do it again in 2010

{laughing} That’s right, but in 2010 my new saying was “where the hell is my babies?!” Okay…. my husband and I decided to go undergo fertility treatments and 3 attempts did not bring forth a child. It did, however, bring forth a great deal of stress and anxiety and doubts.

Then I decided to do the only thing I was advised to do by my wise and wonderful teachers, Abraham, and I decided to do the only thing that felt good to me and that was to get happy. I decided without having to have to know when, without caring when or even if my children were coming or not, that I was going to appreciate my life and live happily just because it feels so good. So, this past Halloween, I had strong desire to have fun and experience Halloween fully. I wanted to dress up as a sexy gypsy woman and go to a Halloween party with my husband. And yes, at 38, I wanted to relive my childhood and go Trick or Treating with my friend’s daughter because I just love the thought of getting free candy. Anyway, I did all those things, and a lot more. And because I decided to simply just get happy, I’m sitting before you all…

Full of candy.

{crying} I am sitting before you all 4 months pregnant with my … {audience applause} with my first child due in July of this year. I wanted to say to you Abraham, Thank you, thank you for your loving guidance throughout my life’s journey, especially towards motherhood. You’ve given me the best gifts I could ever receive and that’s the gift of understanding how the universe works and the gift of trusting my own inner guidance system. I appreciate you so much. I so did not want to cry but I’m and emotional, hormonal, crying…

Oh sure, blame it on the hormones… yeah.

We want to talk with you about something that’s exhilarating and important and will be really good for right where you’re at and good for everyone else to hear too because you sort of dragged them all through this just now and … In other words, you could have just cut right too it and we could have just all celebrated. We didn’t have to go down the …

Abraham, you know me. {laugh} You know Benita.

Well the reason we want to chew on this just a little bit and certainly, it is a wonderful thing that is unfolding here. But we are talking about the specifics of the struggle and how the specifics of the struggle were active long enough that it sort of slowed things down, 2008, 2009, 2010… In other words, it sort of slows down the manifestation. And then even after the manifestation occurs, there’s a tendency to keep explaining the struggle.

People as us from time to time, what’s the difference – when someone says I am grateful – We always say – That’s nice and then we talk to them about what appreciation is. And the difference between gratitude and appreciation – it’s a very big vibrational difference. And the difference is that in gratitude there is a keen awareness of where I’ve come from, which is still active in your vibration and it serves as a sort of a point of resistance. And where appreciation, there’s no resistance in it. It’s just pure flowing.

At the last gathering, or the last gathering or so, someone asked the question about crying, tears flowing. And we said “In every case, when tears flow, it is a releasing of resistance.” It’s a releasing of resistance and, what you know of us, and you know a lot. You’ve been listening to us for a while, nothing is more important than releasing resistance. And so, as you tell the story and release resistance and people are wanting to know what’s the difference between tears of joy and tears of pain, tears of sorrow? And we say there’s a difference in tears of appreciation and tears of gratitude in that there are no tears in appreciation. There are still tears in gratitude because it is still resistance that you are overcoming.

So now, you are here. You have come to this place, where it’s time for you to no longer beat the drum of how much time and struggle it was from where you’ve come but celebrating where you are on your way to the more that is coming. In other words, it really is time to let that… There are so many people, and you have hit right on it… This is something that so many people are wanting to be really good creators but they are still standing in the struggling stack of people. And when you are standing in the struggling stack of people, pointing out the adversities that you have overcome, makes you shine in that stack. But it keeps you out of the other pile all together, you see. And so, and we’re not just saying this to you, we’re talking … and there are so many people who have really overcome adversities that don’t let themselves move out of completely out of the vibration of adversity because it’s still entertaining to explain the adversity. And, and here it’s the bottom line, it makes the people who are still standing in the struggling pile willing to put up with your success if you tell them how long you’ve suffered before you triumphed, you see. And we say, it still slows you way, way down. You want to stop it. All of you. In other words, it still slows you way way down. It slows you way way down.

But what is really speaks to is that so many people are appealing, almost 100%, to the way they are perceive by others. So, “what they think of me” really matters a lot to me, Abraham, so I’ve got to soften what they think. And so , since I’m thriving in every possible way, and look at them, they’re not happy, they’re not happy that I’m thriving. I’m making them jealous.

And we say, you may be may be inspiring them to understanding what’s possible. “No, they don’t like me anymore.” “They’re not writing me letters.” We say Good. “They’re not coming to my parties” We say, not a problem. In other words, but when you want to appeal to them, when you want to appease them, then you’ve gotta be enough like them that you keep the connection going and when you’re keeping that connection going, you’re breaking this connection. Really strong.

So, we think it is a wonderful thing that is happening with you. And it is… you deserve a strong voice of appreciation. And for your willingness to keep the faith, for your willingness to keep your desire alive, for your willingness that even though it got a little stale, you kept throwing more Jeeps (a reference to an earlier segment on the recording) in the pile. And now it’s time to just revel, to just revel in the well being that you’ve got. And this is the thing that we’d like to say to all of you, if any of you are experiencing the, right now, experiencing the absence of anything… In other words, 5 months ago she was still experiencing the absence of this. So if any of you are still experiencing the absences of something that you want, you’ve got to let go of your awareness that it’s absent. And so, it’s an interesting thing. Easy for us to say. Abraham, how do I not notice that something that I really, really want, is missing? And we say, by getting back to the essence of why you want it, which isn’t missing. In other words, you still don’t have the baby. You have a, well you have a baby, but you’re still not going Trick or Treating yet. Not quite yet. In other words, there’s more manifestation that is coming. And yet, you’re joyful. So, why not understand that your vortex is pregnant with everything that you want?! It is! It is! Your vortex is pregnant right now with everything that you want. It is! You want to see the ultrasound? {laughter} It is! It’s pregnant with everything that you want, you see. But there is a gestation period and during that gestation period that’s the time that you come into alignment with it. That’s the time that you feel appreciation for it. Appreciation in advance is what makes things come to you. And appreciation in advance is what brings the manifestation but what else does it bring? Happiness now. Happiness now. Happiness now. Happiness now. Really good.

Wow, you are brilliant. God, I love you so. There is just no words.

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