Gratitude in Pictures

In addition to meditation, gratitude has been shown to have many, many positive affects for the person who actively attempts to find gratitude in their daily life. As my goal for 2014 is to be more positively focused and happier overall, I find the 365 Grateful Project so very appealing. 🙂 Care to join me?

2014 – Start of a New Successfully Focused Year

So, this blog has been woefully quiet for the last year. 2013 was a pretty contrast-full year and I really didn’t want to try and sound more positive than I was feeling. And I also had Abraham’s voice in my head asking if I REALLY wanted more of what I was already feeling. Ummm… no thank you, so zipped-lipped I stayed. 😀

2014 doesn’t look like it will be any less contrast-filled, so I’ve decided that the only thing I can do (and ever could have done in the first place) is work on how I am feeling. I really want to work on staying in the NOW instead of focusing on the where I want to be and where I want everyone else to be (HA! As if I have any control over that!)

So, the one thing I know I can do is meditate. I want to feel in control of where my thoughts and subsequent emotions are flowing. 2013 had me flowing ALL over the place and it wasn’t very pleasant, to say the least. I’m aiming for a more positively focused 2014 and I am starting right now.

I’ve had an app on my phone for a long time, but haven’t really used it. It’s said that it takes about 30 days for a habit to cement in, so I am going to use that app for 30 days to make meditation a cornerstone for my plan on feeling better no matter the contrast.

Insight Timer (available on Droid phones and IPhones)

I like the fact that you can do silent meditations or utilize the guided meditations. 🙂

So, here’s to a good start in 2014! Happy New Year everyone!

Being on the High Flying Disc – Abraham Hicks

H. It funny how the day day has painted the evolution of my thinking.

A. That is co-creation at it’s best. Because you could not stay where you were.

H. No. Thank god. (laughter) But it’s gone from higher to higher. What I’ve … Recently, I’ve firmly felt my hands on the wheel… the control … the beauty, the glory. Just the amazing power and magnificence of it. And what I’ve realized too is that um…

A. And the … and can you feel … just gonna stick this in here… The power you’ve already accepted. Your hands on the wheel… that’s the part we want to amplify. Your hands on the wheel is your rightness, your worthiness to guide it. That’s the piece that feels the best isn’t it?

H. Yeah. Another thought that I had too was that I had been under the false assumption that I kinda had a grasp on what was in my vortex and that it was the cars, the homes the women the whatever it was, but if it doesn’t, in fact, embrace infinity, it may as well because it’s not just the things that that have been big splashes in my face that I want to see, but it’s how I like my coffee. It’s how I want my shoes to fit. The weather. It’s..

A. Because those are the moments of your life… The big events are note worthy but the big events aren’t the fabric of your life experience and it’s the fabric of your life’s experience that equals the way that you chronically feel. And the way you chronically feel is life.

H. And when I am on that high flying disk, for me, it’s like the life of a puppy because it’s just happy, joyous, oh look at that and it’s nothing about like I thought I wanted it to be and how I wanted it to go. I don’t care about that stuff now because it will reveal itself in ways that I had never imagined or seen before.

A. In the perfect timing. In the perfect way. And if that is the state of being that you are chronically maintaining, then the feeling of joy, the puppy like feeling of joy, is more general than the human like feeling of joy. But they are equal in the way they feel. They are just different in the way they manifest.

H. Yeah. And there is nothing wrong with staying in that elated state of “I don’t care. I’m just going with the way the wind is blowing.”

A. Except that you can’t stay there.

H. Well I mean, as much as I can.

A. What we are saying to you is, When you are overwhelmed, doing nothing seems like the perfect atmosphere. Just like when you are really hungry, eating something feels like the perfect atmosphere. So, when you’ve been on a lower disk, and efforting, when you first get on that high flying disk, you feel light hearted and it feels like just light and simple as the way you want to be forever. But what you discover is, light is the way you want to be forever but the simple part can become more complex and therefore more satisfying. So it’s not about choosing the simplicity of the puppy’s happiness or the more complexness of the human’s happiness, it’s get on the disk and then what’s in your vortex will come. Because we know for sure, you wouldn’t be very happy just running around, chasing whatever squirrel showed himself to you, for very long.

H. Right, right. Think that’s it.

A. Really good, really good conversation.