The Rampage of Appreciation – Process #1

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“Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” is a book written by Esther and Jerry Hicks in association with the entity known as Abraham. It introduces the teachings of the non-physical entity Abraham and explains how our emotions are a guidance system for understanding our life journey. The book also describes how we can achieve our desires through alignment with our inner self and the universe.

Much of the book is dedicated to 22 different processes designed to improve one’s emotional and vibrational state, regardless of the current emotional status. This article will focus on the first process – The Rampage of Appreciation.

What is a Rampage of Appreciation?

The Rampage of Appreciation is a process developed by Abraham Hicks, designed to help you uplift your mood, align with the positive energy of the universe, and attract more of what you desire in life. The whole point of a Rampage of Appreciation is to gradually guide your thoughts in a more positive direction, which in turn helps you align with the Universe’s positive energy. This process is about raising your vibrations to match your desires, attracting more of what you want into your life.

The Emotional Guidance Scale for Process #1 The Rampage of Appreciation

Where on the Emotional Guidance Scale Should You Be to Use this Process?

The Rampage of Appreciation process can be beneficial at various points on the Emotional Guidance Scale. It’s particularly useful when you’re already in a positive state of mind. In Ask and It Is Given, Abraham says this process is most helpful when you are between 1) Joy / Knowledge / Empowerment / Freedom / Love / Appreciation and  5) Optimism.

The process involves finding and focusing on positive thoughts, so if you’re starting from a place of very low vibration emotions such as despair, grief, or fear, it might be challenging to leap directly to a state of appreciation.  If you are on the lower end of the Emotional Guidance scale, there will be too much resistance for you to utilize this process effectively.

However, if you’re in a more neutral or slightly positive emotional state – such as contentment, hope, optimism, or even boredom – the Rampage of Appreciation can be an effective tool to elevate your mood and align with higher vibrational emotions like joy, appreciation, love, and freedom.

Keep in mind it’s always important to be gentle with yourself. If you’re feeling low and a Rampage of Appreciation feels too far a stretch, it’s okay. You might find other processes, like meditation, more appropriate. Remember, the goal is always to reach for the best-feeling thought available to you from where you currently are emotionally.

Why Would You Want to Do a Rampage of Appreciation? 

Performing a Rampage of Appreciation is like taking your happiness on a joyride! There are several reasons why you might want to give it a try:

  • Boost Positive Emotions: By actively focusing on things you appreciate, you invite more positive emotions into your life. This process can turn a ‘good’ day into a ‘great’ one!
  • Attract More Good: According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. When you appreciate what you have, you emit positive vibrations that can attract more good things into your life.
  • Raise Your Vibration: The more you engage in this process, the higher your vibrational frequency becomes. Higher vibrations are associated with feelings like joy, love, and freedom, making you feel more alive and connected to your desires.
  • Manifest Desires: When you’re in a state of appreciation, you align with your true self and desires. This state can speed up the manifestation process, helping realize your desires.

Something to Consider Before Doing the Rampage of Appreciation Process

A “rampage of appreciation” should be practiced under the right circumstances to be effective. It’s important to remember that a rampage is not a tool to lower resistance it can actually heighten it, especially if it feels like you’re trying too hard.

The key to a successful rampage of appreciation lies in its appropriateness and timing. It is most productive when there’s a positive momentum around a certain subject, meaning no resistance is associated with it.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a strong desire that’s also heavily resisted (I’ve wanted this for a long, long, long time), a rampage won’t necessarily bring you closer to achieving it. On the other hand, if you have a strong desire with no resistance, it’s likely to manifest quickly.

Even a mild desire that lacks resistance can gain momentum over time, becoming stronger and more significant. This kind of desire represents the ideal state to start a rampage of appreciation – a state of soft (or mild) desire and no resistance.

So, instead of pushing for a rampage on things you intensely desire but aren’t materializing, starting gently with more general and non-resisted subjects is recommended. The goal is to find joy and let the universe deliver your rampage rather than trying to force it.

Ultimately, the practice of appreciation should lead you to a relaxed state, where you can feel good without trying to force anything. The key is to embrace the journey, appreciate the positive aspects, and let the process unfold naturally.

How Do You Know If You Have a Resisitant Vibe?

Resistance, in the context of the Law of Attraction, refers to any thought, belief, or emotion not aligned with your desire or goal. It essentially refers to anything that inhibits or slows down the realization of what you want. Here are some examples of what could constitute resistance:

  • Doubt: If you have a desire but continually doubt its manifestation, that doubt serves as resistance.
  • Negative beliefs: Beliefs such as “I’m not deserving enough” or “I’m not good enough” can significantly resist your desires.
  • Fear: Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, or any form of fear related to your desire can create resistance.
  • Anxiety or Stress: It can slow down the manifestation process if you’re anxious or stressed about achieving your goal or desire.
  • Impatience: Impatience, or wanting your desire to manifest immediately, can create resistance because it indicates a lack of trust in the process.
  • Focusing on the lack: Continually focusing on the absence or lack of your desire can create resistance.
  • Negative emotions: Any negative emotion (anger, sadness, guilt, etc.) can create resistance.
  • Attachment to a specific outcome: Being too attached to a specific outcome or wanting things to happen in a specific way can create resistance because it limits the universe’s ability to deliver what you desire in the best possible way.

By identifying and releasing these forms of resistance, you can create a clear pathway for your desires to manifest. It’s about aligning your thoughts and emotions with your desires, thus creating a state of allowing rather than resisting.

So, if the subject you are considering rampaging about has any of these vibes attached to it, a rampage of appreciation isn’t the process for you now.

How to Do a Rampage of Appreciation

A rampage of appreciation is a wonderful way to elevate your mood, celebrate your life, and help attract more positive experiences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Start in a Positive Place: Begin your rampage of appreciation when you’re feeling good. This could be after a meditation, workout, or any other activity that puts you in a positive state of mind.
  • Pick a Positive Subject: Choose a subject that already has positive momentum for you. This could be anything you appreciate or feel good about. It could be as simple as a sunny day or as significant as a relationship.
  • Begin Appreciating: Start expressing your appreciation for the chosen subject. Describe what you love about it, why it makes you happy, and how it improves your life. You can either write it down or say it out loud.
  • Build Momentum: Continue to build upon your feelings of appreciation. As one thought leads to another, let your appreciation grow and expand. Each statement should be more positive than the last.
  • Ride the Wave: Enjoy the positive energy you’re creating. Bask in appreciation and happiness, and let them permeate your entire being.
  • Be Consistent: Make this a regular practice. The more frequently you do it, the easier it gets and the more powerful the results.

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Navigating Potential Challenges and Misunderstandings with the Rampage of Appreciation

Implementing the Rampage of Appreciation can offer a transformative shift in your emotional state and overall perspective, especially when you’re between 1 and 5 on the emotional scale. However, a clear understanding of what this process entails and its potential challenges can amplify its benefits. Here are some common misunderstandings and challenges:

  • Misunderstanding: ‘The Rampage of Appreciation is a quick fix’: This process does not solve deeply negative emotions immediately. Instead, it’s a tool to elevate your mood and energy when you’re already in a moderately positive or neutral state. It can amplify feelings of joy, empowerment, freedom, love, and appreciation but might not be as effective if attempted during periods of negative emotions.
  • Challenge: ‘I’m struggling to feel appreciative’: Even when you’re in a relatively positive state, there might be moments when you find it difficult to tap into feelings of appreciation. In these moments, it could be beneficial to start with simpler, more accessible points of gratitude. Acknowledging the beauty of a clear sky or the taste of your morning coffee can build momentum toward greater appreciation.
  • Misunderstanding: ‘It should lead to instant manifestation’: While the Rampage of Appreciation can accelerate the manifestation process by aligning your vibrations with your desires, it’s not designed to bring about immediate results. It’s important to practice patience and trust in the timing of the Universe. Remember, it’s a process of growth and alignment, not a magic spell.
  • Challenge: ‘Maintaining the positive energy feels exhausting’: If you’re finding it hard to sustain the positive energy from the Rampage of Appreciation, remember that it’s okay to have ups and downs. The goal is not to remain in a state of heightened positivity at all times but to use this tool when you’re in the right emotional state to gently guide your emotions upwards.

By comprehending these potential challenges and misunderstandings, you can better utilize the Rampage of Appreciation as a constructive tool for fostering positivity, alignment, and manifestation.

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