Tapping Brad Yates – Dealing With The Need to Feel Bad

A new EFT video by Brad Yates – I love his work! He added two more videos within the last day as well. (Separate posts for those! 🙂 )

You can learn more about Brad Yates from his website.

2 thoughts on “Tapping Brad Yates – Dealing With The Need to Feel Bad”

  1.  I knew it! I knew it! I felt it! This guy (Brad) should meet Abraham-Hicks – His energy is so loving and awesome. He’s so generous. And here you were all the time – knowing them and working with them. I did know something when a day or 2 ago I saw and did the Vortex tapping!! Yeah!! And also thanks for giving credit to Gary Craig with whom I first learned tapping!!! Thank you! Namaste!! Diane Marie

    • Oh, I am pretty sure that he does know Abraham-Hicks 🙂  He even links to them on his webpage 
      http://www.bradyates.net/links.html   The way you describe Brad is the way I think about Abraham as well so it is an absolute perfect vibration match! 😀  Gary Craig was also my first introduction to EFT and I so grateful for that as it literally helped change my life.   Thanks for commenting!  Have an absolutely wonderful day!

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