Be Moderate About the Vortex

Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Creation Workshop
North Los Angeles, CA — 2/12/11
Masters Program Disc 3
“She is in love with everything.”

So what we are getting at here with you, this has been a really good demonstration of energy moving. We want you all to just acknowledge that you are in the Vortex, at one time or another, on several occasions through the day. And sometimes it just feels like a place of utter peacefulness. Sometimes it feels like a place of appreciation that just wells up in you. Sometimes it feels like love. Sometimes it feels like eagerness. But in almost every case, it is a sort of brief spiking, that as you acknowledge it, will come to you frequently. We would like you to feel the Vortex as this place where you move from interest to eagerness to love to appreciation to peacefulness. But we would like you to realize that, as you hang around there, in any of that range of emotions, that the more that you are able to maintain your vibrational frequency there, the more within the vortex you will begin to spike. So that the lowest of your day will still be in the Vortex and the highest of your day will be off the wall sort of enthusiasm. We want you to feel moderate about the Vortex. We don’t want you to hype the Vortex. That really is the message we want to give you. We don’t want you to hype it, we want you to feel natural within it.

We would rather that you feel Worthy, and Loved, and Blessed, even than eager, and passionate. Because the Loved and Worthy and Blessed is sustainable from moment to moment to moment. Where that high flying enthusiasm, the specifics of it, they’re only going to come occasionally. So we don’t want you to misunderstand when you are in the Vortex. We don’t want you to think the Vortex is always that bouncing off the wall stuff. We want you to realize that when sometimes just sitting in quiet contemplation, in a feeling of utter well being, you’re in the vortex, and you are doing the work. In fact, anytime that you’re not feeling negative emotion, you’re doing the work.

The Pitfalls Of Listening To The ‘Normal’ People – Abraham-Hicks Quote


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And, all day every day, there are desires that you hold, and people, all around you, who don’t believe that is likely. And when you listen to the normal people, who don’t believe that is likely, one of two things happens. Either they train you to not believe it’s likely or you feel resentful of them trying to hold you back, and either case you’re out of the vortex and in either case, you don’t get what you want, you see.

Albuquerque, NM 4/7/09
Track: A Prime Minister photo-op?

How Does Being In The Vortex Feel? – Abraham-Hicks

This amazing trip into the vortex was recorded at the Boston MA Abraham-Hicks workshop on 6/20/09.

I was listening to this track, for the first time, on the trip home from the carpool run. It had me in tears by the time I got to the end. It moved me SO much that I felt the need to get this out there for everyone else to hear. No pictures or extra work on the video. Sit and listen and FEEL how this affects you. It is absolutely amazing and I hope you feel the same. You will FEEL a shift by the time it is concluded.


Getting Into Your Vortex

If you haven’t gotten the new book by Esther Hicks and Abraham, “The Vortex – Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships”, I would highly suggest it. Both the book and the Audio book come with an additional CD which contains clips from two workshops that had particularly awesome information regarding the Vortex.

This is a video with one of the tracks on that CD 🙂

We want you to reach the place where you’re willing, not just willing, determined, not just determined, eager to let go of the control or the need of control, of things that are uncontrollable, like what anybody else is doing. And give your undivided attention to the only thing you can control, which is how you feel in any given circumstance. In other words, we want you to leave this gathering saying, “I’ve decided that I’m gonna take life as it comes. And I am going to do the best that I can do in the midst of what I’m doing.”

Nothing ever goes wrong because every piece of contrast, no matter how wrong it seems to be, is always helping you to clarify what it is you do want. That’s the thing we want you to remember most of all. The contrast, no matter how it looks, in any moment, is contributing mightily to your expansion. And the thing that you call things going wrong in your life experience are, actually, only the distance between the things that are so right and your current perspective about it.

In other words, if you could just accept that you have amassed a huge vibrational fortune that is ready for you to begin tapping into immediately and all this is required in order to tap into it is a willingness to look in the direction of what you want which will cause you to no longer look in the direction of what you don’t want. Life will begin to get better for you, right now. And that is our strongest message to you. Life is supposed to be good for you.

You live, whether you know it or not, you live as the full recipients of a hurricane of grace, that is flowing toward you at all times in answer to all that you’ve been asking for. Not one of you has been seperated out as one who should not be the receiver of it. All of you are in the full flow of this hurricane of wellbeing. And as you understand that and you begin to stand up with an attitude of willingness to receive the benefit of this well being and worthiness that’s flowing to you at all times. As you just get a whiff of that, and the best way to get a whiff of it is to stand right where you are right now and do your best to find the best of the positive aspects that surround you.

Look for things to appreciate even if there aren’t that many. Look for things to feel good about even if there are more things to feel bad about. Give your attention, as best you can, to the best things that are going on in your experience with the determination to train yourself into the best feeling vibration that you can find right here and now. Today, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for and find things that feel good when I see them, when I hear them, when I smell them, when I taste them, when I touch them. It is my dominant intent to solicit from experience and exaggerate and talk about and revel in the best of what I see around me here and now.

As that as your mantra, you will tune yourself to the best vibration that you can reach for and then the best and then the best and then the best and then the best. And before you know it, you will be vibrating in the vicinity of what’s going on in your vibrational escrow, in your vibrational reality.

This vibrational reality is spinning and becoming and if you are in anger or fear or despair, you’re no where near it. When you get in the vicinity of hope, when you start feeling hopeful, you’re within range. When you feel hopeful, it’s drawing you in. It’s drawing you in and once you begin to believe or expect good things to come, you’re in the vortex. And once you get in there, you’re no longer the only uncooperative component. Now you are a cooperative component.

Now YOU get to rendezvous with your money. You get to rendezvous with your vitality. You get to rendezvous with your clarity. You get to rendevous with your lover, with your loving neighbor, with the things of your environment that you’ve been wishing for. You get to rendezvous with all of the good stuff that you’ve put there, once you begin to get in the vicinity of what feels good.

And you can train yourself there. You can do it in a day. By tomorrow you could be vibrationally so close to who you are, that you would begin to see the evidence. You would begin to see movement. Your bank account will shift toward what you are wanting. The people in your neighborhood will begin to be more cooperative. You have control of everything that rendevous with you, when you get control of the vibration that you offer. And you get control of the vibration that you offer when you care about how you feel. And when you care about how you feel, and you lean in the direction of what feels best, you become, in a very short time, a vibrational match, to who you’ve become.