When Esther Started Meditating

It was so much more love than she’d ever felt that she didn’t know what she was feeling. It was being hugged from the inside, out. It was cellular love. It was a love so thorough, so complete, so wrapped through her that she thought she was having a heart attack!

It was love that was so pervasive she didn’t know what to do with it. She couldn’t describe it, she couldn’t label it, she couldn’t contain it. It was bigger than she was consciously, and vibrationally, ready even to endure; a love so great she couldn’t quantify it or understand it.

And in time, little by little by little, she and so many others of you have raised your vibration until you feel on a very constant basis that Love wrapping through you.

~Abraham-Hicks.com, 12-13-03, Boca Raton, FL, Side B recording



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Council of 12 Message – 3/22/11

Council of 12 Message
You Are Rewriting History – Changes Today Mean a Brighter Tomorrow

Copyright 2011 by Selacia

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Note from Selacia – “At the Equinox on March 19, we had a Council of 12 global meditation event focusing on a healing for Japan and other places in crisis around the world. This Council of 12 message, related to our live Equinox event, focuses on our planetary crisis and changes needed so we can create a new type of world. As you read their words, The Council of 12 will provide you with insights and potent energy that can help you to take your next big leap. They are asking us to trust that there is a higher plan for us and the Earth. They ask us to make ongoing effort to remain in our center even when everyone around us is in fear and chaos. They are here to support us in doing that, and in helping one another. That is how we shift our planet into light. You are enthusiastically invited to join us at these global meditation events – next one is the May 14 annual Wesak when we connect with the ascended masters who created the template for enlightenment on this planet.”

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My House Workshop from 5/2004

Back in 5/2004, I decided to do a Law of Attraction exercise where I would “build” my perfect house. I wrote it all out and revised it and loved it on a daily basis.

That was written a year before we found our house. And the timing for the owners dropping the price considerably could not have been more perfect, JUST in time for us to come along to snap it up 🙂 It had been on the market for about 18 months before they dropped it to a price where we were willing to snap it up.

My House Workshop
Abraham suggests that you put time aside every day to visualize and release into the universe the things that you are wanting. My BIG want right now is a house of my own. I KNOW we will have it, and it will be exactly what we want. I am trying to add all the things that I want in this house so nothing is left up to interpretation by the Universe. 🙂

Okay, here it goes. I am sure that, over time, I will revise this and become more specific as I go.

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Morning Tea and Appreciation 3/20

Let your dominant intent be…

Let your dominant intent be to feel good which means be playful, have fun, laugh often, look for reasons to appreciate and practice the art of appreciation. And as you practice it, the Universe, who has been watching you practice, will give you constant opportunities to express it. So that your life just gets better and better and better.

Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 13th, 1997

This morning I am appreciating:

I went for a walk this morning and the birds were out in force. They were singing loudly the whole walk. I love this neighborhood and the fact that the birds feel safe and love it here too! Yesterday, I watched from inside, as my youngest son became mesmerized by the birds at the bird feeder. He was so quiet and moving very slowly. 😀 I had to giggle a little when he waved to one bird who sat there staring directly at him.

I love the weather that we are having at the moment – this morning it was brisk and windy. Very different from yesterday and I loved it. Loved yesterday too 😀 The variety is wonderful as Spring make a full appearance.

I love that the neighbors love their yards and keep them filled with beautiful trees and blooming flowers.

I love being able to look out my window in my office and see all the birds on the bird feeders.

I appreciate that my soon to be 14 y/o amazing daughter has opted to fore go a present for money that she can use to donate to causes of her choice. The 4 that she chose were SPCA (in memory of a beloved doggie that we had to put to sleep a year ago), Save The Children, InvisibleChildren.com, and gsanetwork.org. It amazes me every time I contemplate the beauty, intelligence and compassion that my kids have. I am so very blessed. <3