Me in pure joy!

Welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚ My name is Vickie. I am an eternal searcher and am most currently am seeking peace in my life. I have three kids, a wonderful hubby, two dogs and a cat. All of whom regularly challenge my ability to be in hold onto my peaceful state of mind. πŸ™‚

My interests include: My family, Abraham-Hicks, FasterEFT, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) aka Tapping, meditation, the internet, our business and more.

I have currently fallen in love with FasterEFT and am working to become certified so I can help other people benefit from this amazing healing modality. BUT, you don’t need someone certified in order to benefit from FasterEFT, you can go and learn all about it from the over 600 YouTuve videos at Robert Smith, the man behind FasterEFT, has so graciously shared with the world.

I am a real WYSIWYG person. What you see is the real me. I look for the best that I can in all situations and strive to live each day full of appreciation for everything that I encounter. (Some days more successfully that others. πŸ˜€ )

  • Vickie

    Just a word of thanks for ur blog and thoughts and gifts of spritand your U tube site.

    Glad I found you.

    Namaste and all the best


  • Brad

    Hey Vickie

    I was Googling some stuff about Vortex and your site came up. What a pleasant surprise as I checked out your EFT section…! Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Be Magnificent!


    • Vickie

      How cool is this! πŸ˜€ You are one of my most favorite EFT experts πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for saying hi! Made my day!

  • Hi Vickie
    Thanks for your blog, I just discovered it, LOA in action!
    I love that you talk about real life, ups and downs.
    Bless you! and us all.

    PS That’s a beautiful stream of wellbeing in your background right here.

  • Angela

    I have been asking source to rendevouz with like-minded people and just found your blog!! I currently live in mn with my partner and our 3 children.

    Would love to talk more with you about your journey!

    Feel free to email me at

    Love, light, and blessings!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anjela

    I’m glad I found this website! I also am a student of Abraham-Hicks and wanted to tell you congratulations on your website and all your success to come! I will visit this website frequently as a source of positivity! Thank you.

    Sincerely, Anjela McKenzie

  • Josef

    How do you feel now that the inventor of Abraham is dead and didn’t even use the same processes he preached to others for 25 years? How do you feel about Esther turning mean and ornery to the people paying good money to attend workshops? When it is revealed to be all made up will you still promote them or are you too deeply in to ever get out?

    • admin

      Hi Josef,

      I am sad for Esther now that Jerry is gone. I haven’t seen any nastiness from Esther but, really, if there was some, I wouldn’t be surprised. Esther was probably out of the vortex quite a bit with Jerry’s illness. Up until this time, the information, that I have learned from the teachings of Abraham, has served me well. My life is good and I attribute, at least part of that, to what I have learned. Thanks for your concern that I have drunk that Abraham koolaid, but I have a full handle on what I am doing with my life. If the teachings start changing and stop feeling good when I listen to them, then I will move on. It is totally possible that Esther needed Jerry to help Abraham come through loud and clear but I am not going to jump to conclusions before that actually proves to be true.

      With much love,

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  • Hi Vickie,
    Your blog is lovely. I am the founder of Operation Gratitude, the non-profit organization that has been sending care packages to our Military since 2003. Please contact me at at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing your Light!

  • john v

    in seeking something else i to fell across your site n want to thank you,
    I have recently been listening n reading some authors of new thought levels n its stuff i heard Abraham say yrs. ago,lol, love finding other Abe Heads, thanks again, love the Brad Yates stuff too, thanks some more, be well, love n light

    • ImVickieB

      You are more than welcome John. Β πŸ™‚ Β I love having new visitors that find my dabbling and sharing here helpful. Β It is kind of neat to some across people who get and understand, sort of :), what I am talking about! Β 

  • Petra

    Hi Vickie,
    an eternal searcher too, I did the FEFT training to Level III this year and several months ago discovered Abraham and love love love it!!! (and Eckhard Tolle .. πŸ˜‰ So nice to see that there’s someone so alike and interested in all of this.. πŸ™‚ Feel free to contact me if you’d like some exchange πŸ™‚

  • Renata

    Dear Vickie, thanks for these Abraham’s transcriptions you made. I have a trouble to hear and the transcriptions are a such wonderful tool!


    Hello Vickie! I love love love Abraham-hicks (and Tolle and Bashar, Massaro and more!) Esthers talks, meditations and workshops literally transformed my life into days filled with joy and excitement! I love your website! Thank you!