Me in pure joy!

Welcome to my blog! 🙂 My name is Vickie. I am an eternal searcher and am most currently am seeking peace in my life. I have three kids, a wonderful hubby, two dogs and a cat. All of whom regularly challenge my ability to be in hold onto my peaceful state of mind. 🙂

My interests include: My family, Abraham-Hicks, FasterEFT, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) aka Tapping, meditation, the internet, our business and more.

I have currently fallen in love with FasterEFT and am working to become certified so I can help other people benefit from this amazing healing modality. BUT, you don’t need someone certified in order to benefit from FasterEFT, you can go and learn all about it from the over 600 YouTuve videos at Robert Smith, the man behind FasterEFT, has so graciously shared with the world.

I am a real WYSIWYG person. What you see is the real me. I look for the best that I can in all situations and strive to live each day full of appreciation for everything that I encounter. (Some days more successfully that others. 😀 )