What Would You Tell Your 20 Year Old Self?


I recently read a post, “What Would You Say To Your 20-Year-Old Self?“, that really struck a chord with me.

I thought about where I was in my life, at that time, and my heart literally ached for that young adult version of myself. I lived through some pretty bleak times from when I was 20 to about 28 years old. My dad died and my marriage died. While it felt like the end of the world, I did survive. I did more than survive, with time, I thrived.

So what would I say to my 20 year old self?

1) No matter how hard it feels or bad it looks, it WILL get better. It ALWAYS gets better with time.

2) You WILL be happy. Look for things to be happy about. Focus on what you want instead of all the things you don’t. That will make you feel SO much better.

3) You will come out of it all so much stronger and wiser than you ever thought possible.

4) You are unconditionally loved.

5) Expect miracles and you will get them.

6) Spend as much time as you can outside in nature. You will find a peace that you desperately want there. Listen to the wind, bask in the sunshine, and feel the power of nature all around you.

Believe me, you will make it through. Life is a huge journey, and in the end, it will be all worth it. Without all that you have lived, you wouldn’t be who you turn out to be. And, if I do say so myself, you are pretty darned amazing 🙂

With all the hindsight you have gained through the years, what would YOU tell your 20 y/0 self?