The Trauma of Braces and FasterEFT


It’s unfortunate that all three of our kids will be braces bound at some point in their lives. Our oldest has done her time and is finally free. This past week, our youngest, not quite 11, had to get the first phase of his braces on. The treatment will be extensive, starting with braces just on the top set of teeth and ending with head gear quite a bit down the line.

Saying that he was unhappy by this plan is an understatement of epic proportions. When I first told him what the orthodontist’s plans were, the poor kid broke down and sobbed while laying all over me. The day of getting the braces on wasn’t much better. There were tears galore, even while he was in the orthodontist’s chair. The poor dental tech didn’t know what to do. I was sitting beside him, trying to calm him down and tapped on him while saying that he was going to be okay. I could tell that he had all sorts of emotions boiling up and running rampant in his brain.

Poor kid spent the next day, lying on the couch, feeling nauseated and in pain due to his teeth. He wasn’t really eating much due to both of these issues. He had a birthday party to go to the next day, so he actually consented to try tapping when I pointed out that he wouldn’t be able to go if he was feeling this bad.

It wasn’t pure FasterEFT because he wasn’t really wanting to be an active participant, so there was no SUD value, and only a few “take a deep breath, let it out and say Peace” but I could tell that it was having an effect. As I am pretty in tune with how my kids think, emotionally speaking, I was able to “release and let it go” to quite a few of the issues I knew he had.

  • Anger
  • Saddness
  • Helplessness
  • Unfairness
    • Not fair that he had to have it done before his older brother.
    • Not fair that he didn’t have a choice at all.
  • Holding emotions in his stomach
  • Hopelessness (I’m never going to get these braces off)

I know it had an effect on him as I was doing it as he looked like he was going to fall asleep at one point. When we were done, he still felt nauseous. Luckily, we had the bucket with us when we went upstairs for bedtime because he promptly threw up when we got into his room.

Once he got it out of his system, he was basically back to normal mood-wise. He seemed happy and wanted to have something to eat. The next morning he was extremely animated and definitely back to himself. The nausea was totally gone and he didn’t need any motrin for his tooth pain.

We had a good giggle about the fact that we didn’t realizing that “Release and Let It Go” would result in him puking his guts out – the ultimate in releasing and letting go! While I don’t necessarily think that the two were related, you can never tell! 😀