Tapping Into The Vortex with EFT

I came across a great video series on YouTube that combines the teaching of Abraham and EFT. They are pretty cool. They are best for people who are on the higher end of the emotional scale and feeling things like hopefulness, optimism, happiness, joy and appreciation. If you are not quite located in that range, you might end up feeling like you have been thrown off into the bushes as he uses positive affirmations.

Abraham’s ABC Game to Get You Into the Vortex

Once you get the hang of this, once you care about feeling your way into the vortex…

We offered a game to Esther and she had such fun with it. When she was, she loved that feeling of ease and flow so much. We encouraged her to start through the alphabet and choose a word that begins with ‘A’ that feels in the vortex to her.

And so, from inside the vortex, it was easy. She said “appreciation” and then just held the thought long enough that she received the feeling of complete alignment with her source. And then we said “choose a ‘B’ word” and she said “Bask, that’s easy. Clarity, that’s easy. Delicious. Divine. That’s easy. Energy. Easy. Ease. All easy. Fun. Full. Focus.”
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