Skyped with Gary Craig!

Okay, so this was just way too cool! 🙂

At the end of January, Gary Craig sent out a newsletter and asked for testimonials from people who had watched the Borrowing Benefits videos. The Borrowing Benefits videos are where you just watch and tap along with whatever Gary is helping the person on the screen with. For the most part, it didn’t *seem* like the experience, of the person on the screen, had any correlation with my life experience.

I wrote in telling him about my experience, which is what got me hooked on EFT about 10 years ago.

I watched the Borrowing Benefits videos and tapped along, feeling VERY silly. I didn’t feel like it was doing anything for me but tapped along until the very end of the DVD. When I was done, I put the DVDs away (this was before it was all available streaming online) and went about my life. About a week later, I had a major shock! My habit of nail biting / picking was GONE! I had nails. Just like that. I had spent the previous 35 years unconsciously picking and chewing on my nails and cuticles and it was totally gone with absolutely no knowledge or intention of my own. The only thing I could attribute it to was the EFT. The EFT must have helped me release some of the stress that contributed to that habit.

I shared my story, via email with him and was done with it. 🙂 Never did I expect that he would actually call me asking if I would mind doing a video testimonial for him. We skyped and he recorded and asked me various questions. He is putting together a “why you should buy the borrowing benefits” promo and I may actually be part of it. I really do believe that EFT has helped me release a lot of baggage I had been carrying with me. My life is so much better for my discovery of his work.