My Meditation Space

I love my family dearly. When it comes time for me to meditate, I’d really love some peace and quiet. Three kids, two dogs and a cat sort of make finding a quiet, relaxing spot a little difficult. Luckily we have a spare bedroom that I can shut the door on and pretty much escape.

Right now, there is a bed and a rocking chair to sit in. I’ve learned, long ago, that laying down and meditating just does not work for me. Without a doubt, I end up falling asleep just about every time so sitting in the rocking chair is the option of choice. While it is okay in the comfort level, it isn’t ideal for me.

Hubby and I discussed it and we have ordered a super comfy chair for the room. It is a tad to big for the room, but considering how often we end up having visitors, it is a real waste to not use the room to it’s full potential. All I need to do is get a nice lamp to put on the dresser and I can meditate or read in peace.

Ohhh, I can’t wait until the chair gets here! I am envisioning it easily coming up the stairs and being maneuvered into the room. Gotta pre-pave that positive experience! 😀