My House Workshop from 5/2004

Back in 5/2004, I decided to do a Law of Attraction exercise where I would “build” my perfect house. I wrote it all out and revised it and loved it on a daily basis.

That was written a year before we found our house. And the timing for the owners dropping the price considerably could not have been more perfect, JUST in time for us to come along to snap it up 🙂 It had been on the market for about 18 months before they dropped it to a price where we were willing to snap it up.

My House Workshop
Abraham suggests that you put time aside every day to visualize and release into the universe the things that you are wanting. My BIG want right now is a house of my own. I KNOW we will have it, and it will be exactly what we want. I am trying to add all the things that I want in this house so nothing is left up to interpretation by the Universe. 🙂

Okay, here it goes. I am sure that, over time, I will revise this and become more specific as I go.


I have a large house that has at least 5 bed rooms. One for each family member and one for the wonderful friends who will come to visit and stay with us.

Check! 🙂

The house is located on a very large plot land with woods and a body of water on that land for fishing and enjoying the view. The trees and size of the plot of land create a private living environment.

Our neighbors are loving and friendly.

We have a decent plot of land with forest and a lake across the street. Not on our property, but close enough to enjoy the beauty.

I feel and am amazingly safe and secure living in this home.

The house has a wonderful view of the natural splendor viewable from all the windows.

Despite the lightening strike 2 months after buying the house, I DO know that we are guided and safe in all our endeavors. The views are nice from all sides.

There is an additional building on the land that can be used for hobby purposes which has running water and electricity and is in very good repair.

The house is airy and allows a lot of light in.

While there isn’t an extra building, there is a 3 car garage which fits the bill and the new yellow paint, thanks to the reconstruction after the fire, makes the house very light and airy 🙂

There are rooms in the house large enough to accommodate our business, what ever it may be. The office rooms have a separate entrance from the outside.

We did have this but moved to leased space while the house was being rebuilt. We still have the office, but now it is free of all the stock clutter. Wooo hooo… a house that is more of a home due to the business being located elsewhere.

The house is in a town which is safe and friendly.

The schools my children attend are extraordinary, meeting the every need of my children and taking their individual strengths in mind with the teaching methods.

The house is in a location which has weather that is “just right”.

The kitchen is large and airy, and has places for people to gather and talk.

The “play room” is very large with ample storage for all the kids toys and art supplies. There is more than enough room to have trains built and left built. It is a great relaxing haven for the kids.

Check on all of these 🙂 The school the kids are in is EXTRAORDINARY 🙂 and the teachers are great. This past year, the school was voted the best magnet school in America!

There is a large level back yard with SO MUCH play equipment that my children can play for hours without getting bored! There is an awesome sandbox for them to dig in and build dreamy castles in.

We have that but the kids have moved on to bigger and more exciting endeavors now that 7 years has passed and they are 8, 10, and 14 🙂 The did love it when they were younger!

The master bedroom is far enough away from where the children gather in the morning so that the noise can be barely heard.

The playroom is right down the hall from the bedroom, but there is a door that can be closed. The kids are actually getting old enough to amuse themselves in the morning and actually get along for the most part first thing in the morning. We are getting more and more sleep ins until 7:30 now. LOL used to be up at around 6 due to Jonathan’s wake up call so this *IS* sleeping in!

I *KNEW* that we would have a house like this one. It was never in question. I just didn’t know when it would happen. When I stopped worrying about when, it finally happened.