Making Your List – FasterEFT

I’ve been watching my training DVDs for FasterEFT and have been avoiding actually making my list. It’s scary to dig down into all that stuff that you’ve spent your life trying to get away from. Today is my day. I want to release the past that I keep, either consciously or unconsciously, resurrecting to affect my present. A quick scan of my life, from babyhood to now, through all my trial and tribulations, reveals so many issues that, when focused on, cause an emotional jolt. Guess I need to tap on the fear of digging before I start! 😀 I KNOW a great shift is going to happen once I get started. Procrastination be gone!



Well, after a little “I should do this other thing first”, I finally sat down and combed through my past. Uggg… I feel all worn out. I am sure I will find more over time, but I have more than enough emotional instances (over 100 on my list!!) that are stress producing in my past that I can work with and release. LOL just not all right now 😀 Slowly but surely, I will decrease my list size.