Life Is

Personal Growth

It’s been a long time since I have taken the time to update. I have literally been trying to discover my own peace and what a journey it has been.

I’ve come to learn that life happens and unfortunately, it can happen in ways that are incredibly unexpected. Since I have last updated, we have had to have our 14 year old committed to a mental hospital on three different occasions. As a mom and someone who really is trying to find balance, these incidences really challenged my ability to stay afloat at times. It is so easy to fall into less than helpful thought patterns. But hey, that’s life. Growth comes from experiencing the ups and downs. In all the knowing what I don’t want, I created a HUGE desire and understanding of what I did want.

I learned that Life Is and that Happiness is a choice. Sometimes it’s hard to make that choice, but it is so worth the effort.

There are many self affirming practices that I incorporated into my daily family craziness to help me regain my balance and feel better in the face of upheaval.

My Tools for Discovering Peace

1) Meditation

Recently, I have been alternating between Abraham’s meditations and using Zen12. They both work well for me. All I need to do is spend between 12 and 15 minutes to do a mental reboot. I’ve found that I am able to cope better with new situations that arise when I have been meditating consistently.

2) EFT

Emotional freedom techniques have helped me immensely. They have helped me remove many core issues that can get triggered and make the current moment even more dramatic than they already are. I absolutely adore the work of Brad Yates and find his Youtube videos super helpful. If his style doesn’t suit you, there am many people on Youtube that share eft videos. Just search what ever is bothering you like “eft” and “powerless” and see what wonderful stuff comes upl

3) “The Power of Now”

I was lucky enough to be part of a facebook group about eft during the 3rd commitment. I reached out and asked for tapping videos or anything that would help me make it through the shock / hopelessness / desperation I was feeling. Of course I got plenty of tapping suggestions but I also got a private message suggesting the “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I knew I had this CD someplace in my massive collection self help materials. I now have the 4 cd series ripped as mp3s and on a playlist on my phone. I love that the message flows nicely with the teachings of Abraham. Tolle’s message helps remind me that all I have to deal with is THIS moment and that all other “times” are projections of my mind. I can’t change the past and the future I imagine may or may not come to pass. My power is truly in the now.