Jumping In With Both Feet

Having been a big believer in EFT for a long time, I have decided to step out of my well trodden rut and do something that will help me and others.

I have decided to become a certified practitioner of FasterEFT. I am doing the extensive home certification course and learning quite a bit. He offers two tracks. One where you go to his live workshops and get certified from that or you can get all his DVD’s and learn from that. While live workshops are appealing to me on so many levels, I love the fact that I can rewind and *really* get what he is talking about.

I am currently watching (and taking notes) on the Mind of a Healer DVDs. 🙂 There is one gentleman in there who just rubs me all the wrong way *tap* *tap* *tap* Release and Let It Go. 😀 I am certain I will have to deal with whatever the core issue of that one is in time.