Headspace – Love This Meditation Program

Recently, I was introduced to a new Mindfulness Meditation program. You can try the program for free for 10 days and do the Take 10 program – 10 minutes a day with guided meditations spoken by Andy Puddicombe.

Typically, I usually have to make an effort to go and meditate but, with this program, I find that I am eagerly finding the time. 10 minutes is easy enough for anyone to do. I find, that once I am in the groove, I really want to go on beyond the 10 minutes and load up one of Abraham’s meditations and meditate on. It feels SOOOO good to get into that space!

Things I like about this program:

  • You can access it via the website or via iphone or droid app. There are other mindfulness programs online but I’ve found that they require computer time to follow them. I can take my phone and find a quite place to meditate. I LOVE that 🙂
  • Andy has a really great voice to meditate to. 😀 He’s a Brit, after all, and I guess I am a bit partial since hubby is also British. Love me some British accent! 😀 Having said that, I did have a minor giggle fit when I first started listening because I had a vision of the Geico Gekko guiding me through the meditation. LOL
  • It is actually quite reasonably priced, after the 10 free days, considering everything that you get with the $7.99 a month subscription fee. If you visit the website and click on the link that says “BENEFITS – WHAT DO I GET?”, you will see a run down of everything that is included.

When I subscribed, they had a special going that gave me 3 months free on the Year membership so my cost was a bit less that the $7.99 a month. If you sign up for their free 10 days, I am sure they will have more discounts codes in the future to entice you to join up. Even at the $7.99 rate, it is well worth the price.

Go ahead! What have you got to lose by trying out the free trial?? Just 10 minutes a day, for 10 days for a calmer, more peaceful mind.