Gratitude for Quality Time – Day 14

Found a Dollar

It’s funny how the most mundane outings can turn into something pretty memorable 🙂

I had to take J, 10 years old, to the mall to get him a new suit for a school function. I am typically not a shopping person but if I know where I want to go and what I want to get, I am pretty good with it. We parked way out in order to get my step count up on my pedometer. J was all for the exercise. As we crossed the lot, I saw a dollar on the ground. I pointed it out to him and he was mighty impressed to be a dollar richer 😀 Down the rest of the parking lot, he stopped to pick up all sorts of plastic garbage that people had tossed on the ground. LOL by the time we got to the door, he had both hands full! He was pretty please with himself for doing this on his own and didn’t want any help from me at all.

When I was young, malls were all about the stores, not fun stuff for kids. We did the shopping quickly and successfully and then hit the “for the kids” stuff on the way out. J got to try the bungee jump where they bounce up and down to extreme heights. The poor boy wasn’t too please with it and appeared to be holding on for dear life to the cords. We cut that one a little short for his benefit. He was really proud that he actually tried it. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to, but he did it. His next stop was the Merry Go Round. He had the whole thing to himself and chose to sit in the tea cup and spin himself silly 🙂 He like that one. On the way out, we stopped by the Hurricane booth where you get to stand on the inside and experience 70+ mph winds. He was seriously windblown by the time he got out.

Time to head home 🙂 On the way back up the parking lot, he netted another prize – a mario kart DS stylus that someone had dropped.

Not a bad outing for something as boring as suit shopping 🙂 I am so grateful to have been part of the magic of his day!

Until Tomorrow!

[This is entry 14 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]