Gratitude for Good Food and Wonderful Company – Day 6

Hubby and I got to go out to eat tonight with out the kids. I am so grateful that the kids are old enough to be left alone without worrying if the house will be burned down or an ambulance have to be called. Two young boys can do a load of damage if you aren’t careful 😀 I am very grateful that they have, for the most part, moved beyond the age where such worries are at the forefront of my mind, if I leave them alone in the house.

Hubby and I went to an Italian restaurant and had a nice meal. We were able to talk and enjoy the food, at our own pace. Can I just say, I LOVE the warm bread and the herb and oil dip. Something that good *has* to be good for you, right?? 😀 I am grateful that we had the means to enjoy the meal with no worries. I am grateful for the business, that we own, that is making it’s way though the recession as well as it is. I am grateful for our employees who make our business run as smoothly as it does. I am grateful for the life we are able to live. 🙂

Until Tommorrow!

[This is entry 6 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]