Gratitude for Figuring Stuff Out – Day 5

We are most definitely a computer family. Everyone here has their own computer and our boys are extreme gamers. The youngest one spent some of his Christmas money on a game that he really wanted, but, for some reason, he was unable to get it to run. Googling the issue revealed that there were MANY people with the same exact problem.

We had been working on trying to figure it out for a couple of days and even upgraded the computer memory as their machine are a bit old and under powered. Install memory – check. Run game – fail. The game would still not work. Bummer. Boy was not happy at all, but did realize we were trying our hardest to get it sorted out.

I spent the next hour or so googling trying to find a solution. As there were many reports of problems on the web, there were also a plethora of “fixes”, the vast majority of which were epic fails in regards to our issue. Finally, I came upon one that I hadn’t tried. Many steps later, I loaded up the game – AND IT RAN!!

I hopped up and started singing! 😀

The boy is WAY happy now.

As an aside, not related to this, I just wanted to note that, since beginning Operation Gratitude, I am seeing more and more things, through out my day, that I recognize in the moment and am grateful for. 🙂 It is a cool feeling to realize that my overall daily positive feeling has raised.

Until tomorrow!

[This is entry 5 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]