Gratitude for A Good Day – Day 9

Today was a very good day 🙂 Work was very busy and I got quite a bit of end of year stuff out of the way. Loving how Amazon sales have picked up and hope they stay at this level for a while.

I got to read more Byron Katie stuff and know exactly who / what I will be using as the subject of my first inquiry. (More of that to follow in later posts.)

I got to finally watch a new episode of one of my TV shows. I miss my favorites when the networks put them on hiatus.

And now I am ever so grateful for my nice bed awaiting me! I am hoping that my avoidance of Hot Chocolate before bed tonight will let me have a better night’s sleep than last night 🙂 Who’d of thought that there was enough caffeine in hot chocolate to make the whole night a massive sleeping fail. LOL

Until Tomorrow!

[This is entry 9 of 365 of Operation Gratitude.]