Gratitude and Appreciation – Day 23

Sometimes, when you aren’t feeling the gratitude, trying to write about it just does not work at all. Yesterday was one of those days and, hence, the missing entry. I spent a lot of time focusing on all the stuff that just didn’t make me feel good. Law of attraction is good like that. Get some negative momentum built up and, viola, here’s some more of it.

Today was a bit better, but not even remotely where I would want it to be. Having said that, I did have some things to be grateful for.

It was an absolutely beautiful day out. The sky was cloudless and the prettiest color of blue. Hard to believe that I actually heard frogs singing from the lake. I thought it was a little early for that, but guess they know spring is coming.

I am so grateful that the school made quick work of the assembly this evening. We were able to get out of there without the huge traffic jam because we left as soon as all the microphone stuff was over. Over 800 people there and hundreds of cars. I am so grateful we got out of there when we did!

Tomorrow will be an even better day.

[This is entry 23 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]