Gratitude and Appreciation – Day 22

The end of the day is near.  Tiredness is taking over as I sit in a parking lot waiting on my daughter’s dance class to finish.  I had the best intentions to do my gratitudes through out the day, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

So here I sit tapping away on my phone, as the unsecured wireless gods aren’t smiling on me this evening.

Things I am grateful for today:

– Happy kids

– Sunny drive home on flower lined street.

– Warmish weather that lets me sit on the car without freezing my butt off.

– A busy day at the office.

– My nice cozy bed awaiting me.

– A cell phone that has internet access and great apps 😀

– The Blend playing on the car radio.  They are playing the best music tonight.

– The 1/2 hour I get to read in peace after I post this entry.   🙂

And with that,  until tomorrow!