Gratitude and Appreciation – Day 10

Lots of great little things to express gratitude for today. 🙂

Last week, I had to contact the IRS to try to get some business information from them. I am so grateful for Ms. Hall, who went above and beyond, to help me out even though their computer system wasn’t working as it should have been. I was able to find out what I needed and she said she would fax the information to me. Unfortunately the fax never came and when I tried to call back, I was told that their systems would be down until the 3rd of January. I hadn’t had time to spend time on hold yet, so was EXTREMELY happy when I went and got the mail. Thank you Ms. Hall for sending the letter via USPS. 🙂 You are so very appreciated!

In working on our accounting software, I realized that a sizable credit that we were supposed to receive from one of our suppliers, in April, never made it into our account. It was so quick and easy to get sorted out and a check is on the way. 🙂

I realized that I could easily walk around the parking lots at work in order to up my daily step total for FitBit. I love my FitBit, as it helps me challenge myself to do better on the health front. It is amazing how little I would move on a daily basis. FitBit motivates me to take the long way around and park out and I am so appreciative of that.

The last bit of gratitude is for an unsecured wireless connection and my netbook. I am able to sit in my car, waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class, and write my gratitude post for today! How cool is that?!

Until Tomorrow!

[This is entry 10 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]