FasterEFT, Here I Come!

On my way!

I’ve done it! I’ve taken my test and sent it in for FasterEFT Level 1 certification. It feels so go to be on my way and, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have gotten here with this determination if I wasn’t part of an awesome coaching group. The accountability and support of the ladies in this group has really helped me realize that this is something that I just can’t not do. That sounds odd, doesn’t it. Something that you just can’t not do. That overwhelming knowing that this is what you are meant to do and, no matter the obstacles, you NEED to make it happen.

I feel that way about FasterEFT. Plain and simple. It meshes so nicely with my personal belief system and it works astoundingly well to help you release those repetitive harmful beliefs that seem to really mess up your plans on a regular basis. I can definitely see that it will be of major help to those out there that follow Abraham-Hicks because it will help you get rid of those speed bumps that slow you down from getting to where you really want to be. They way Abraham says to get up the emotional scales *does* work, in time, but you have to use a lot of mental power to stay on the path of thinking better thoughts. FasterEFT actually removes the stumbling blocks allowing you to install the more positive, helpful, beliefs that get you where you want to be much more quickly.

So, now I wait to see if I passed the test. I think I did pretty well on most of the questions, but there were two that I don’t think I understood correctly. I did the extra credit so hopefully that will balance out the score. As I really believe in this healing modality, even if I were to not pass, I would go back and take it over again until I did. I want to be able to effectively help myself, my family and anyone else who is looking for a happier, less childhood induced drama filled, life. Test results to come. Wish me luck! 😀