“Feeling Better” Health Related EFT Videos

So, I’ve got something going on with my body right now that I don’t want any more. While I was sitting in the doctor’s parking lot STRESSING the HECK OUT, with about 15 minutes to waste, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING to feel better RIGHT NOW! LOL My most favorite EFT practitioner on the web is Brad Yates. He has over 250 very helpful The video that I came up with was Tapping Into Vibrant Health. I sat, in my car, tapping away and not giving a hoot about what any who was passing would think. I felt so much calmer when I was done and was able to have a pretty good visit. I still have issues surrounding what is going on so I decided to see what other wonderful videos Brad has available. I came up with many that could be useful for you if you are trying to let go of the beliefs you have surrounding your illness.

Happy tapping! I know I will be bookmarking this page for easy reference! 🙂

Tapping Into Vibrant Health

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My Meditation Space

I love my family dearly. When it comes time for me to meditate, I’d really love some peace and quiet. Three kids, two dogs and a cat sort of make finding a quiet, relaxing spot a little difficult. Luckily we have a spare bedroom that I can shut the door on and pretty much escape.

Right now, there is a bed and a rocking chair to sit in. I’ve learned, long ago, that laying down and meditating just does not work for me. Without a doubt, I end up falling asleep just about every time so sitting in the rocking chair is the option of choice. While it is okay in the comfort level, it isn’t ideal for me.

Hubby and I discussed it and we have ordered a super comfy chair for the room. It is a tad to big for the room, but considering how often we end up having visitors, it is a real waste to not use the room to it’s full potential. All I need to do is get a nice lamp to put on the dresser and I can meditate or read in peace.

Ohhh, I can’t wait until the chair gets here! I am envisioning it easily coming up the stairs and being maneuvered into the room. Gotta pre-pave that positive experience! 😀

Rendezvousing with Dad

One night, not so long ago, I had a dream that seemed a little odd, but actually turned out to be pretty cool. Right before I woke up, I realized, in the dream, that someone was using my grandma’s telephone number as their account number. I woke up with the number racing through my head. This might not seem very odd, but Gram croaked over 20 years ago. I actually had to do a search to see if the area code and first three numbers were located where she used to live. Yep. Most definitely Gram’s number. How cool for that to pop up in the forefront of my thoughts. I spent quite a bit of time that day thinking of Gram and talking to her. It felt really good to reconnect. She popped into my dream just to say Hi! 😀

Of course, thinking of Gram got me thinking of my dad, who croaked before she did, when I was a sophomore in college. While I was out for a walk, later in the week, I kept thinking about him and all the things he did that would make me smile. I could have focused on the stuff that would have made me feel bad (there was plenty of that to be had), but I kept thinking of all the stuff that made me smile and laugh.

I remembered how he used to call home from work and ask for Maid Marion. He was, without a doubt, my Robin Hood.

I thought about the time he called the dorm hall phone, right after I started college. When I picked up, he said “ET phone home” 🙂

I smiled when I thought about how I surprised him on his birthday. One of my college friends drove me home and I left a card on the TV and hid until he saw it. He was SOOO excited!

I thought about how he did a jig down to the smoking room at the hospital, right before he died.

The thoughts kept rolling in and I felt so connected to him. Right before I got home, I told him that I wanted more connection with him. I was open to it and would love to play with him some more.

It was dinner time when I got home. I was handing out napkins to everyone, going around the table. As I was about to hand out the last one to my daughter, my youngest (age 10) piped up, “What about Bob?” as he pointed to an empty chair across the table from him.

Holy Moly, I just about keeled over. My dad’s name was Bob. Jonathan isn’t one to have imaginary friends so… ummm… I guess dad guided him to say that! 😀 I am so looking forward to playing some more with him! 😀

Appreciation and Gratitude – Day 27

Today felt good. The weather was nice and warm and I got tons done at work today.

I am so grateful that the funky stuff my car was doing didn’t rear it’s head today. It may in the future, but for today, it was perfect.

I am just about at 10,000 steps for today which is awesome for me. I remember when I first got my fitbit and saw how little I was actually moving. I have gratefully turn over a new leaf and am enjoying the exercise. What a minute, did I really just say that??! LOL

This evening I went for a walk just as it was getting dark. It is amazing what you notice when your vision is diminished by the dusk. I could hear all the birds getting ready to bed down for the night. I could also hear the crickets that have just recently come to life. The sound of the traffic, miles away, was oddly appealing and comforting to me. I loved the smells of the fresh cut grass and freshly fertilized lawns. Our Sweet Olive bushes are in bloom and their amazing fragrance traveled far. I loved the way the air temperature would change in patches. Out in the open areas, it was nice and comfortable. Where there were trees on either side of the road, the temperature would drop considerably and you could feel a cloud of chill as you moved through the area.

Tomorrow, I am going to see my therapist. A week ago, I had a major meltdown, with sobbing and screaming. With a week behind me, I can totally see what core issues were being triggered on that night. I am grateful to be able to see what I need to work on in order to move beyond these sticking points. It will be really nice to be able to let go of these issues. With Martha’s help and using some energy therapy, I think I will be quickly back on my path to centered-ness.

Until Next Time…

[This is entry 27 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]