Phrases to Ease Your Way – Abraham-Hicks Quote

Guest – Right, okay. So if you could help me with some, a few phrases that I can use throughout the day that would help me get where I want to go. Now specifically…


I’m good at what I do.

Anything I want comes into place.

The Universe yields to me when I ask.

Well Being abounds.

Well Being is my birthright.

I am worthy.

I’m figuring it out as I go, I’m good at that.

I don’t have to know everything that’s gonna happen, I know enough.

I like it where I stand. This is fun.

This is being fun.

This is getting funner.

I’m more and more in control of my own vibration.

My vibration is my point of attraction.

The laws of the Universe are responding to me.

I can easily set my tone.

I’m getting better at it everyday.

There is no risk involved.

I can wade through contrast and give birth to desires without yielding my Well Being.

I never get far from Well Being.

I’ve already discovered how to hold myself within range.

Now I’m in the process of fine turning.

I’m a really good fine tuner.

All of this is for fun anyway.

I can’t get it wrong.

I never get it done.

It’s all about enjoying the powerful NOW. I really love what I do.

I love that there are others interacting with me.

It’s so much fun to interact together.

I like it that we all get to choose differently.

I like it that we are not the same.

I like it that in many ways we are all the same.

It is so exhilarating to realize that this is all here for our expansion and for our pleasure.

The expansion is inevitable.

The pleasure is our choice.

Guest: Okay, that’s…

Abraham: I’m a worthy being.

Guest: Okay, thank you. (applause)

From the workshop in Chicago, IL on 5/25/02

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This quote is from the works of Abraham-Hicks.

Abraham Live – 12/10/11

On December 10th, Esther did her first live workshop since Jerry croaked. I was so very happy to have been part of it. Esther and Abraham were magnificent, as always. Esther is a wonderful example of being able to align when extreme contrast is looming large. I was wondering, a little, if Jerry’s departure would have a negative effect on Esther’s ability to connect and share with us. My worry was so very unfounded. We were also treated to Jerry’s presence as well. There is no death 😀 Jerry may not be on this plane any longer but he is most definitely still available to us all.

I sat in the comfort of my living room watching. I am definitely the only human in my house who is interested in these teachings so I had the living room to myself. Well, almost all to my self. My fun loving, happy, “play with me” dog was ALL over me while I was sucked into the amazing workshop. She and her sister are never allowed on the couch but, while I was sucked in, she decided to hop up next to me and just bask in *my* connected-ness 😀 I am watching Esther and Sophie is watching me!

Abraham Hicks – A Belief Is Just a Thought

This clip is from Esther Hicks book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. The book has a CD included and this is from Track 9 – The LOA and Law based premises.





The most dominate premise that is misunderstood in your physical reality is that when someone performs something that you disapprove of, that it is a good idea for you to point it out or you might get more of it. When the reality of it is, the more you point at what you do not want, the more you hold yourself in a consistent pattern of vibration that disallows what you do want. And the most powerful premise, that we want to activate within you, that we promise you will serve you for all the days of you life is:

A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.
A belief is only a thought that I continue to think.
A belief is only my habit of thought.
It’s only a practiced thought.
A belief is only a thought that I think a lot.

Now, why does that matter? Because when you want something and you belief in opposition to it, your opposite belief will prevent what you want from happening. When you want something and you believe it, there’s no separation. You are offering one signal and law of attraction will bring it to you now. But when you want something and you doubt it, when you want it and don’t believe it, now you are offering opposing vibrations, and you can hold yourself in that holding pattern all the days of your life.

I want it but…
I want it but…
It’d be nice but it doesn’t happen for me.
I’d really like to have that but I’ve wanted it for so long.

When you keep saying those things, when you continue to face reality, when you beat the drum of “what is”, when you beat the drum of “what is”, you hold active within yourself a vibrational pattern – a believe is only a thought you keep thinking. A believe is ONLY a thought you keep thinking and it only the beliefs that you hold that keep you from the things that you want.

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking and the only thing that keeps you from who you really are and what you really want – is a belief which is only a thought that you keep thinking.

Did you write that down?
*audience laughter*

So, if a belief is only a thought that I keep thinking and I keep thinking a thought that is in opposition to what I want then I keep thinking the thought that is in opposition to what I want, so the reason I don’t get what I want is because I keep thinking a thought that is in opposition to what I want.

Interesting, obvious, but interesting. In a whole new decisive way. So if a belief is only a thought that I keep thinking, what about thinking a thought that I don’t believe long enough that I believe it? If a belief is only a thought that I keep thinking, why not think a hopeful thought?

Well,that’s stupid, Abraham. The facts defy it. The fact – oh well, that’s that false premise that we were talking about earlier, isn’t it? That reality is static.

So you mean I have been building my life on a false premise by facing reality and feeling that that legitimized giving my attention to this unwanted thing. Even Esther will occasionally say “but Abraham, it’s true! But it’s true.” as if that is any prerequisite for what you give your attention to. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. And you, as human beings, are the harborer of so many unproductive beliefs.

The largest among them:
I’m not worthy.
There’s no gain without pain.
I must have been born under the wrong star.
Must be karma.
Probably my mother’s fault.
It’s the government’s fault.

You want to believe that false premise don’t you? It’s the government’s fault. If they’d be different, everything would be different.

We want to say to you, take your power back by remembering that a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking.

I’m starting to believe that. A belief is ONLY a thought that I keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking.

When I think a thought, it activates a vibration and when a vibration is activated, my point of attraction kicks in. So if I keep thinking the same thought, and I keep activating this point of attraction, and law of attraction keeps responding to this active vibration then I am going o continue to get results, not because their true, and not because it is reality, but because it’s law of attraction’s consistent response to a thought that *I* keep thinking.

So if it’s a thought that I keep thinking, and I am getting results that I don’t want, isn’t it prudent to being to think a different thought?

Oh, but Abraham, that doesn’t seem logical. You want me to think an airy fairy pretend thought? You want me to put my head in the clouds or in the sand?

You want me to pretend that something that isn’t is? – Yes

You want me to fantasize? You want me to imagine? You want me to use words that aren’t true? – Yes

You want me to pretend that I am slender when I am fat? – Yes

You want me to pretend that I am prosperous when I am poor? – Yes

We want you to think the thoughts that match what you want until you believe them. And when you think the thoughts that match what you want until you believe them, universal forces will give you the proof of your belief.

But if you need to see it before you believe it, it can not come. You have to believe it before you see it.

What’s a belief? A belief is just a thought that I keep thinking. So what did we did we just say? You have to keep thinking the thought until it becomes. You have to KEEP thinking the thought until you believe it and when you believe it, it is.

It’s so simple, we are done.

*audience applause*

So what distracts you from that? Reality. Facts.
So what? Everything that you see, that you call reality, was just coagulated coalesced combined thought. A thought that somebody thought long enough. When Esther says “Abraham, shouldn’t I think about that because it’s true?” We say all truth is is something that enough people or a person gave enough attention to long enough that became a thought that they thought about and thought about and thought about and thought about and thought about it until it attracted the equivalent of it.

There are all kinds of things in your environment that you believe that match what you want. And there all kinds of things in your environment that you believe that defy what you want.

How would you ever sort them out? How do you know the active beliefs in you that serve you well and the active beliefs that are within you that don’t serve you? How do you know the beneficial ones from the detrimental ones?

The beneficial ones feel better when you think them and detrimental ones feel worse when you think them.

“Oh but Abraham, there’s a lot of thoughts that I think that I really have much feeling around.”

Keep thinking them, they’ll get bigger and pretty soon, you’ll know.

In other words,that’s the beauty of law of attraction. In the early subtle stages, you might not be able to feel the difference. But the longer you think them, the more active they become. The more active they become, the more attraction power. The more attraction power, the more obvious the results. Just like you knew it would be.

This is the perfect environment for a creator to create. And you knew it when you came.

Jerry’s croaked

Two days ago, an email arrived in my mailbox that caused met to catch my breath. Dear ole Jerry decided it was time to get all his answers 🙂 At first, I was so sad for Esther as she loves him so. My sadness was my clue that I was looking at it in a skewed way. Abraham says that if it feels bad then you are at odds with how source sees it.

I so appreciate how much Jerry helped Abraham come into our experience based on all the unending questions he asked. He is an amazing spirit who, I no doubt, will infuse the workshops with much joy and love and humor as he and Esther and Abraham frolic together with us all.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

There is great love here for both Jerry and Esther.


Esther’s email dated November 23, 2011

Dear, dear Friends,

Our sweet Jerry made his transition into Nonphysical last Friday. How sweet the Vortex is feeling to him today!

Jerry said to me when we came together over 30 years ago that given the difference in our ages that it was likely “that I will cut out on you early,” to which I replied, “I don’t mind.” His joy of life and continual new discovery of purpose kept his life feeling fresh and we shared such joyous eagerness for life.

Over the years, Abraham has consistently insisted that there is no death. Again and again they have reminded us that there is only life and more life and more life. It has taken me some time to understand this, and I honestly must say I have not yet fully come to terms with it, but I do believe that in what we are calling Jerry’s death he is discovering the next logical step of life that Abraham has always been talking about. And at times I am catching a glimpse of the bigness of what Jerry is feeling and while I am still pretty mad at him for not sticking around longer to surprise and delight me in all the ways he has been doing throughout our 30 years together I accept fully that the next logical step of joyous life for Jerry was to be found in his re-emergence into Nonphysical.

Since 1985 it has been Jerry and Esther and Abraham and I believe with everything that I am that that has not changed. I know that Jerry will continue to be the third powerful point of the triad of Energy that makes up the Abraham experience and I am certain that his new vantage point will be, as it has always been, of advantage to us all.

I know for sure that Jerry will help me, in time, release my own personal resistance to physical death, because I will not be able to maintain that resistance and also play easily with him. And my desire to continue not only my Abraham experience but also my Jerry experience I am certain he will be the catalyst to help me do what Abraham has been trying to help us all do all along.

Once again, Jerry is out there leading the way for me. But the difference this time is that I must find the way. I am not there yet, but it is my absolute promise to myself that I will find the way, because it is the most natural thing in the world to do and because Jerry has provided for me the reason to do it.

I am eager about what is ahead and while I cannot begin to explain or even imagine the details of how it is all going to play out, I am certain that it will be fun.

I am such a fortunate girl, to have been able to play with Jerry and Abraham and all of you for so many wonderful years and I am so eager to continue doing more of the same for many more years to come. I feel certain right now that not only has nothing gone wrong, but things are going especially right. It will be different, for sure, but it will also be very, very good.

I’m feeling such love for you all, and for Abraham and most of all for Jerry. And as I have said to him a thousand or more times through the years, “Well isn’t life just a kick in the pants?”