Seventeen Seconds Gets The Grid Started – Abraham-Hicks Quote

As of late, Abraham has been moving into the “Go General” phase of their teachings. They are moving away from all the processes and into “The Emotional Grid”. The Emotional Scale was the way to go for the longest time and now they have simplified it so more people can understand and access their creative abilities.

“Do you know that if you can find seventeen seconds, seventeen seconds of a thought about something general (like an emotion), that that’s enough to get that grid active enough that it will bring something else to it right now? And that something else that it will bring to it right now is usually another thought that keeps it going longer. And if you can keep it going for another seventeen seconds that’s enough to bring something to it, and it’s usually another thought that will keep it going longer. And if you can keep that going for seventeen seventeen seventeen until you have sixty eight seconds of non-diluted general pure emotional thought you’ve accomplished a grid that will bring you visible evidence. Someone will walk into your space with evidence, we are not kidding you. Something other than just a thought drifting into your mind; something will come as evidence that you have accomplished a point of attraction that is strong enough that the rendezvousing process has already begun.

And when you start deliberately rendezvousing first with your own thoughts, then with conversations with others, then with things like turning the television on at the perfect moment that something about that is said to you, or you open a book or you walk past a newstand and something catches your attention as a headline or deep within an article of something. All kinds of things will begin occurring to you. Happening to you. And because you have deliberately worked on your grid, now as these things come you will not just see them as random, freakish coincidences, a coincidence is a rendezvousing of vibrational latitude, that’s what a coincidence is. It’s a cooperative, commutative incident. Coincidence is the best word we know that is talking about rendezvousing which is caused by law of attraction. But you thought it was random. And for most, it is random because you are not thinking deliberately; you are creating by default. But when you start deliberately, seventeen seconds, not much to ask of yourself, is it? Seventeen seconds, it feels pretty good. And then another and then another and then another

Session 1 Opening Statement March 31, 2012 Orlando, Florida

Quote from the AbeQuotes email list.

Past, Present, or Future All Create NOW Vibration – Abraham-Hicks

The Universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Napa, CA on Thursday, February 27th, 1997 # 402

What you focus on, and have an emotional response to, will dictate what you will attract in your current NOW. It doesn’t matter if it is something sad or happy from your past or something you are thinking about happening in the future. The feelings that you are feeling about what you are thinking about RIGHT NOW will attract more things that will match that vibration.

Moral Of The Story:
Think about the things that make you feel good so you get more of the good. 😀

Pay Attention to YOUR Vortex – Abraham Hicks Quote

In a world where everything has a tendency to look topsy turvy, this quote lets you know that your power lies in YOUR vortex.

See this world as a free world, and see everyone in it as trying—through their individual experiences—to find their way back to that calling, back to that Source Energy. And even though there are billions of them going about it in a way that is different than you would choose, there’s no right or wrong way. In other words, bless them all, and get on with the only thing you have any power about, which is opening or closing your vortex to your natural state of Well-Being.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, February 28th, 2004 # 383

Abraham talks about the death of Jerry Hicks – Youtube Video

I actually had the pleasure of watching this video in streaming format while it was occurring. It was a magical couple of hours. I didn’t know how Esther would be be fully connect to Abraham, but she did. In addition to Abraham, Jerry made an appearance on several occasions, as well. The way the event flowed helped me realize, over again, that there truly is no such thing as death. We live on, eternally.