You’re going THAT way – Abraham-Hicks

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As Jerry and Esther were driving here yesterday, they drove down from Chicago and they had, surprisingly, wide open traffic, until they got to the outskirts of this city. And, as they were sitting there, traffic was not moving at all. It made them feel uncomfortable because they had a deadline, they had people they wanted to meet at a certain time. And as the traffic came to a complete stop, they felt agitated but then as it began moving, Esther was driving about 70 miles an hour, most of the way from to here, and now she is going zero miles per hour, which felt comfortable. But then the traffic started loosening up a little bit and now she’s going about 10 miles per hour, but she felt relief. In other words, 10 miles per hour was so much better than no miles an hour. And can you imagine how terrible it would have felt to turn around and go in the wrong direction.

So this is the sensation we are wanting you to begin to feel. If you will just stop going against the direction you are wanting to go, you will begin to feel the relief. And now you know that these are your only choices – Worse or Better. No matter where you stand, no matter what subject you are contemplating, you have two choices. You don’t have the choice of absolute complete manifestation right now or not. You don’t have that choice. You don’t have the choice of knowing every answer to ever question you’ve wanted to know, right now. You don’t have that choice.

The choice that you have is “I can feel worse right now about this subject or better”. And we want you to feel with us that this not a limited choice. This choice is enough. It’s not only the only choice you have, it’s HUGE. That’s the only choice you ever need to make. If you make a decision that you’re gonna try to make something feel better than it feels right now, then you’re beginning to develop the habit of always turning down stream. And do you know, a week or two of deliberately turning downstream is all you need to start feeling wonderful? And do you know, thirty days of feeling wonderful is all you need to manifest the biggest of dreams you’ve ever had? Do you know you are thirty days away or less from everything you’ve been asking for if you would just stop doing this? In other words, that sounds implausible, doesn’t it? “You’ve gotta be kidding Abraham. I wanted that all of my life and you’re telling me that it’s thirty days away?” And we say, it’s less than than that away if you get turning and going with the flow. Because you wanted it and it is created and the universe knows how to take you to it. The circumstances and events are all lined up. And when you follow your bliss, you’re gonna find the path.

And you know what’s been keeping you from getting there?
Keep going that way.
“No, I’m not” you say.

Yes you are we say.
You’re going THAT way.

“Well I don’t mean to go that way. I don’t want to go that way. I want to go the other way because I am miserable going this way.”

You’re going that way.

“I know, but I hate going this way. I don’t want to go this way”

You’re still going that way.

“Well, it’s not my fault that I’m going this way. ”

Still going that way.

“It’s my mother’s fault.”

Still going that way.

“Maybe it’s karmic. Maybe it’s from a past life. ”

You’re still going that way.

“Well it’s not fair that I’m going this way”

You’re still going that way.

“Well, what am I doing wrong?”

You’re still going that way.

“Well, how am I going to get this boat turned around? ”

You’re still going that way.

“I NEED to turn the boat around. I want to get this thirty day thing underway. I want to go the other way.”

You’re still doing that thing.

“Well, Abraham, this seems impossible. ”

You’re still going that way.

“Well, just tell me what to do.”

Pet your cat. Quiet your mind. Stop watching those programs that inflame that. Stop talking to those people that talk about those things that keep you pointed that way. Look for reasons to feel good. Make a list of positive aspects. Buy a notebook and make a list of positive aspects. Look for things to appreciate.

In other words, you can’t think about THAT and something else at the same time. So it is really about think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, think and feel.

And at first, you’re gonna think and feel and think and feel and think and feel and think and feel and think and feel and think and feel because that’s how you’ve been thinking and feeling and that’s what law of attraction is giving you.

But before you know it, you’re gonna think something that feels not so much that way. Do you know, when you sleep, your boat turns around in the stream, every single time. And when you wake up, you say oh yeah, What was I mad about?! And you turn back around.

But if, before you go to bed, you could say “while I sleep, my boat’s going to turn around and when I wake up, I’m going to lie in bed and I’m gonna think about the positive aspects of my life” Now when you wake up, you get a little momentum going this way. Now we’re really making this sound like you are an upstream crowd and you’re not. But relative to those things that you want that have not been coming to you, you have been an upstream thinker. You have been, otherwise you’d have what you want.

So if you don’t have enough money, you’ve been more this way upstream than you have downstream. If your relationship is not pleasing you, or is missing all together, you’ve been thinking more about things that make you feel bad relative to that than good. If you are not in your body feeling the way you want to, you’ve been thinking more upstream about it than you have down. If you’re overwhelmed in your life, you’ve been thinking much more about how much you have to do than about the ease in your life.

The universal law of attraction never yields to you something that is different from your vibrational frequency. So when you say, “okay, I get it. I can find softer thoughts and every day I’ll get better at it” and as you do, you will turn and go with the current. And immediately you will start feeling better. And people who are watching you will say “What’s changed? Did you get that job you were looking for? Or did you get over that illness? Or did the money that you need come in?” And you will say No. “Then why are you so happy?” I know it is illogical, you will say. ‘Cause what I thought I needed to be happy hasn’t happened yet. I’ve just stopped doing what was making me unhappy. And I felt better. And then say to them, “And I think I am on the right track. I just don’t think you can feel this good without good things beginning to flow into your experience.” And we say, those would be the most accurate words that you could ever speak. You can’t feel negative emotion and let the good stuff in and you can’t feel positive emotion and keep the good stuff out. You just can’t.

When you get turned correctly in the stream, and correctly we mean going with the flow of that which is your natural inheritance all good things will flow to you.

Appreciation Quote – Abraham-Hicks

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Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Spokane, WA on Tuesday, May 30th, 2000 # 692

Greater Contrast – Abraham – Hicks Quote

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When the contrast gets greater, the desire gets greater too, and that’s what miracles are from. A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situation that has caused strong desire and then somehow an alignment of Energy with the desire. Every day life creativity, that’s all that it is.


Communicating with Your Inner Being and Meditation – Abraham Hicks

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Abraham – Hicks
Vortex of Creation Workshop Series – Atlanta, GA 5/5/2015
1-07 Wants to communicate with her Inner Being directly.
1-08 Meditation will line you up with your grid.

Hot Seater

Good Morning, welcome to Atlanta. I have a couple, three quick questions for you. My first question is: I would really like to be able to communicate with my inner being as directly as Esther can communicate with you and I’ve read some the description of how to do that you have in some of your earlier books but I haven’t really been receiving anything in a way that I can grasp or understand. And I was wondering if you could help me with that.


The words that we spoke earlier are really the key to what you are reaching for because in the beginning, especially in the beginning, it is subtle. In fact, it’s so subtle – here’s what happens. As our friend just said, you have to be in alignment with it in order to receive it. But when you are in alignment with it, you are it. So your ability to perceive it or to analyze it or even to evaluate it is hindered. Esther always said it was so helpful that Jerry was so excited about the conversations with Abraham because they just felt like normal conversations to Esther while they are happening. And so, the benefit of having someone else sit in, while you are having the conversation, is that they can do a better job of acknowledging the value of what’s coming. And they can also stand in the vibrational place of asking the question. You see, the vibration of a question or something you want to know, and the vibration of the answer, are very different frequencies. And if you are all full of the question, then you can’t hear the answer. So you have to get into this place where there is no vibration going on within you that contradicts the answer before you can receive it. You have to be so in alignment with the answer, in order to receive it, that then question goes away. It’s interesting, isn’t it? So you can’t hold the question and the answer at the same time.

So, what we recommend, if you don’t have someone that you want to play with you in that way, is let your question rest within you for a day or two, really clarify it. Let this be the day that I clarify the question. Then for the next day, meditate. Get yourself into that good feeling place and then, after you come out of meditation, sit and listen for what flows and record it in some way – either through writing or typing or verbally record it. And then, at a later time, after it’s all cooled off, go back and read your question and read your answer, and KNOW your brilliance. You see…

Hot Seater

Because I guess there are a few things that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years and I don’t… Even when I am totally distracted and thinking about totally different topics and put those aside, I don’t seem to be getting anymore information on those issues.


It’s because what happens is, when you ponder something for a while, you’ve got a really strong, steady vibration about it which prevents the answer from coming cleanly. So start with things you don’t care about that much.

It was easier for Esther because she didn’t have any deep life questions within her. Jerry was full of them. He had enough questions to keep Esther busily asking Abraham to flow through her endlessly. So many questions. Esther was not full of questions. She wasn’t contradicted about anything. She wasn’t pushing against anything. She was just sorta in a neutral clear place. Well that sort of an unusual thing. And so, that’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation will clear you. Meditation will clear your vibration. Meditation will line you up with your grid.

We would encourage any of you who are wanting to receive, who are really deliberately wanting to sit and receive – decide that you’re going to meditate every day for 15 minutes for 90 days. And during that time, don’t get active about asking your questions because when you bring an active bothersome question into meditation, you clutter up the vibration.

Mediation is about quieting the mind. Meditation is about releasing anything that is contridicted to the vibration. Meditation is about hooking into the core grid, you see.

And of course you can’t stop living life. The questions are still going to come but this meditation is a progressive thing. You do it every day for 15 minutes for 90 days, you’ll clear yourself enough that you’ll be able to sit then with a new found question and recieve clearly the answer. It is our promise to you.”