What an Awesome Day!

Today has been a great day! I so appreciate how things have just been unfolding so nicely for me 🙂 My day started out with hopping (okay… maybe dragging) my tired but happy butt out of bed at 5:05 am. I hopped in the shower and then went to meditate before getting the kids up for school.

I SO love the meditations that Abraham does This morning I opted for the General Well Being and it was a great 15 minutes of basking and breathing. I woke up the kids (all in good moods which is a nice plus!) and then did some business stuff while the kids were getting themselves ready to go to school. Nice and calm – awesome!! Before we loaded into the car for the carpool run, I took some time to play around with some prepaving my day with EFT. I watched and tapped along with Start Your Day with EFT and one by Brad Yates, Have an Amazing Day. What a wonderful way to start the day.

On the way to work, I talked to the vet and found out that I could deal with an issue my cat is having very easily with some otc Pepto Bismol. 🙂 Gotta love not having to hike her to the vet. I got to work and started doing my work stuff flowing right along. I got a call from the landlord of where we are leasing. I love this guy! 😀 He’s an older sweet fellow who has been nothing but good to us as a company. He was calling to tell me that he was redoing the lease for another 3 years, as per my request, and that he was DECREASING our monthly rent by $500 a month! Wooo Hoooo! How cool is that?!

Today was also chair massage Wednesday. I love being able to offer that perk to the ladies that work for us. And to be honest, I kinda like it too! 😉 Oh so relaxing!

I fielded a call that had the potential to be a bit sticky but turned out to be one of the nicest customers I have talked to. She had a very “Abe” feel about her – cheerful and just plain happy and friendly. 😀 Gotta love being hooked into the flow before dealing with things! I attracted her based on my mood. I am so glad I pre-paved my day the way I did!

Time to leave the office now to hit the grocery store and then home for the night. I fully expect everything to be nice and smooth and happy until my head hits the pillow tonight!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!