Appreciation Time

So much to be appreciative of in my life 🙂 Time to kick it up a notch and make it so much more active in my experience.

I love, love, love when things at work turn out just right! One day last week I had several visitors that were answering questions and providing potential solutions to issues that I had been thinking about. The vortex is dropping them right on my doorstep! On that same day, I started out with a major contrast with Amazon messing up some of our listings and giving away 24 bags of ginger for the price on 1!! I did some quick customer service and tried to head off any major complaints when people got only one bag. That seems to have worked as we only got one customer who was a bit grouchy. Not bad for over 20 people that I emailed. I also sent off a well written email, explaining my situation, to Amazon. Mind you, we have been working on Amazon for a couple years. Never have we got special customer service. 😀 Well that day we did! By the end of the day I had a customer service rep calling me and basically bending over backward to make me happy! Love seeing the the problem and solution coming so close together.

That same day, I stopped at Crema Coffee for a Chai Tea Latte. I love that place and the owners. I used to hold my Law of Attraction meetup there and really loved the feel and the people who were part of the group. I even walked out with a free tea, compliments of the owner 😀 I will definitely be going back again. I basked my way off to work feeling wonderful and happy. When I checked my email, I had a message from one of the meetup group members, Karen, asking what the name of the coffee shop was! I hadn’t been there in ages and the one day I did go, the universe had someone else thinking of it as well. 🙂 It would be cool to gather some of the old timers for a mini get together 🙂 Kevin, if you are lurking, Karen said she would love to see you again 🙂

I love my neighborhood. It is a wonderful place to walk around in. The yards are so well taken care of and pretty, filled with flowers and trees filled with blossoms. The birds are always tweeting away when ever I am out walking. I think that the beauty of the area help to keep me motivated to walk. I am up to over 3 miles a day! So much better than 1/2 mile that I was able to do just a very short time ago. I will be taking long hikes in the woods sooner than I thought possible 🙂 I love being able to load up my phone with Abraham workshops and listen to them while I am walking. The miles go by so quickly that way and I get my LOA love fix at the same time!

I am looking forward to all the wonderful things that I will be allowing to come into my experience. I know the idea for the next great money making adventure is just around the corner and I am so excited to know that I am vibrationally in line with it. I can’t wait to ride that wave of prosperity and have an amazing trip!

Hope you all are having a wonderful, joy filled week!