Appreciation and Gratitude – Day 27

Today felt good. The weather was nice and warm and I got tons done at work today.

I am so grateful that the funky stuff my car was doing didn’t rear it’s head today. It may in the future, but for today, it was perfect.

I am just about at 10,000 steps for today which is awesome for me. I remember when I first got my fitbit and saw how little I was actually moving. I have gratefully turn over a new leaf and am enjoying the exercise. What a minute, did I really just say that??! LOL

This evening I went for a walk just as it was getting dark. It is amazing what you notice when your vision is diminished by the dusk. I could hear all the birds getting ready to bed down for the night. I could also hear the crickets that have just recently come to life. The sound of the traffic, miles away, was oddly appealing and comforting to me. I loved the smells of the fresh cut grass and freshly fertilized lawns. Our Sweet Olive bushes are in bloom and their amazing fragrance traveled far. I loved the way the air temperature would change in patches. Out in the open areas, it was nice and comfortable. Where there were trees on either side of the road, the temperature would drop considerably and you could feel a cloud of chill as you moved through the area.

Tomorrow, I am going to see my therapist. A week ago, I had a major meltdown, with sobbing and screaming. With a week behind me, I can totally see what core issues were being triggered on that night. I am grateful to be able to see what I need to work on in order to move beyond these sticking points. It will be really nice to be able to let go of these issues. With Martha’s help and using some energy therapy, I think I will be quickly back on my path to centered-ness.

Until Next Time…

[This is entry 27 of 365 of Operation Gratitude]