Abraham Live – 12/10/11

On December 10th, Esther did her first live workshop since Jerry croaked. I was so very happy to have been part of it. Esther and Abraham were magnificent, as always. Esther is a wonderful example of being able to align when extreme contrast is looming large. I wondered a little if Jerry’s departure would hurt Esther’s ability to connect and share with us. My worry was so very unfounded. We were also treated to Jerry’s presence as well. There is no death 😀 Jerry may not be on this plane any longer, but he is most definitely still available to us all.

I sat in the comfort of my living room watching. I am the only human in my house interested in these teachings, so I had the living room to myself. Well, almost all to myself. My fun-loving, happy, “play with me” dog was ALL over me while I was sucked into the amazing workshop. She and her sister are never allowed on the couch, but while I was sucked in, she decided to hop up next to me and bask in *my* connected-ness 😀 I am watching Esther, and Sophie is watching me!