Abraham Hicks Resources Regarding Mental Illness

This post is mainly for my well being though I know there have to be many out there that could benefit from this information all in one place.

My life has be radically focused on family members with various mental health issues. I find myself being sucked into that land of “What Is”-itis way too often for my comfort. Searching for Abraham’s perspective on these types of issues has helped me. I know that I need to focus on how I want to feel, and stop “blaming” them for making me feel awful. I am choosing to take control of how I am feeling under all circumstances. There is a tremendous amount of relief in moving from the feeling of total helplessness to affect a change to a feeling of control in where I am choosing to focus. Feel free to add your favorite Abraham videos that talk about how to deal with mental illness in others and staying in the vortex.

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