2014 – Start of a New Successfully Focused Year

So, this blog has been woefully quiet for the last year. 2013 was a pretty contrast-full year and I really didn’t want to try and sound more positive than I was feeling. And I also had Abraham’s voice in my head asking if I REALLY wanted more of what I was already feeling. Ummm… no thank you, so zipped-lipped I stayed. 😀

2014 doesn’t look like it will be any less contrast-filled, so I’ve decided that the only thing I can do (and ever could have done in the first place) is work on how I am feeling. I really want to work on staying in the NOW instead of focusing on the where I want to be and where I want everyone else to be (HA! As if I have any control over that!)

So, the one thing I know I can do is meditate. I want to feel in control of where my thoughts and subsequent emotions are flowing. 2013 had me flowing ALL over the place and it wasn’t very pleasant, to say the least. I’m aiming for a more positively focused 2014 and I am starting right now.

I’ve had an app on my phone for a long time, but haven’t really used it. It’s said that it takes about 30 days for a habit to cement in, so I am going to use that app for 30 days to make meditation a cornerstone for my plan on feeling better no matter the contrast.

Insight Timer (available on Droid phones and IPhones)

I like the fact that you can do silent meditations or utilize the guided meditations. 🙂

So, here’s to a good start in 2014! Happy New Year everyone!