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“Feeling Better” Health Related EFT Videos

So, I’ve got something going on with my body right now that I don’t want any more. While I was sitting in the doctor’s parking lot STRESSING the HECK OUT, with about 15 minutes to waste, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING to feel better RIGHT NOW! LOL … Continue reading

My Meditation Space

I love my family dearly. When it comes time for me to meditate, I’d really love some peace and quiet. Three kids, two dogs and a cat sort of make finding a quiet, relaxing spot a little difficult. Luckily we have a spare bedroom that I can shut the door … Continue reading

Rendezvousing with Dad

One night, not so long ago, I had a dream that seemed a little odd, but actually turned out to be pretty cool. Right before I woke up, I realized, in the dream, that someone was using my grandma’s telephone number as their account number. I woke up with the … Continue reading

Appreciation and Gratitude – Day 27

Today felt good. The weather was nice and warm and I got tons done at work today. I am so grateful that the funky stuff my car was doing didn’t rear it’s head today. It may in the future, but for today, it was perfect. I am just about at … Continue reading

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