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FasterEFT Tap Along – Abandonment

There is something about tapping along with someone else’s “problem”. It is so easy to put yourself right in the middle of the tapping and release issues you didn’t even know were so powerful. I know I have abandonment issues that started from birth and rolled throughout my life. I … Continue reading

Making Your List – FasterEFT

I’ve been watching my training DVDs for FasterEFT and have been avoiding actually making my list. It’s scary to dig down into all that stuff that you’ve spent your life trying to get away from. Today is my day. I want to release the past that I keep, either consciously … Continue reading

Asked and (Finally) Allowed

The first Abraham-Hicks workshop I attended was in May of 2007. I just knew I would get into the hot seat, and had my question all written out, just waiting for my turn and basking in the knowledge that I would get my burning question answered. I got to hear … Continue reading

Jumping In With Both Feet

Having been a big believer in EFT for a long time, I have decided to step out of my well trodden rut and do something that will help me and others. I have decided to become a certified practitioner of FasterEFT. I am doing the extensive home certification course and … Continue reading

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