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Past, Present, or Future All Create NOW Vibration – Abraham-Hicks

The Universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it. — Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Napa, CA on … Continue reading

Headspace – Love This Meditation Program

Recently, I was introduced to a new Mindfulness Meditation program. You can try the program for free for 10 days and do the Take 10 program – 10 minutes a day with guided meditations spoken by Andy Puddicombe. Typically, I usually have to make an effort to go and meditate … Continue reading

Let Your Children Shine – Abraham Quote

Parents don’t want their children to make the wrong decisions, so they don’t allow them to make the decision. And then the child becomes dependent, and then the parent resents that, and it gets off into a blameful thing early on. If you are encouraging children to do all that … Continue reading

Rendezvousing with Dad

One night, not so long ago, I had a dream that seemed a little odd, but actually turned out to be pretty cool. Right before I woke up, I realized, in the dream, that someone was using my grandma’s telephone number as their account number. I woke up with the … Continue reading