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Gratitude at Work – Day 2

I am so grateful for this little, compact heater that someone in the office has let me borrow. It is a cold, rainy day today and my office gets quite cold. The amount of heat this little thing puts out is astounding and, oh so, appreciated! On top of the … Continue reading

Operation Gratitude

Lyman over at has recently started posting something he is grateful for everyday. Knowing what I do about how focus can make all the difference in my experience, I’ve decided to borrow his idea. It was sort of funny because I talked myself into it and out of it … Continue reading

Phrases to Ease Your Way – Abraham-Hicks Quote

Guest – Right, okay. So if you could help me with some, a few phrases that I can use throughout the day that would help me get where I want to go. Now specifically… Abraham – I’m good at what I do. Anything I want comes into place. The Universe … Continue reading

Wonderful Present – All About Soul

In my other blog, which I have long since closed down due to my frequent negative focus, I had very frequently lamented how hard it was to keep my alignment amidst the contrast of my day to day life. To give a very short synopsis of the contrast, Hubby has … Continue reading

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